Thursday, April 28, 2005

Poetry Bug

looks like there's a bug going around spreading the 'poetry disease' hehe...since last week, there had been 3 new inductees to the world of phony literature :P they are....tada! 'dead' june, choh khai n ee lin

neway no time 2 write much..juz wan 2 drop a note dat YESTERDAY (TUESDAY) 2 PPL RELLY PISSED ME OFF.
they are (in rapid consecutive order): aik chuan n jack beh.
in case ppl dunno who aik chuan is, he's a chi ko pek who has an annoying habit of shooting crap at everything that moves wif his whiny voice n broken english. ok, he's not relly dat bad but i'm relly annoyed wif him. the reason? he used the words '你妈的' on me. now in case u ppl dunno (n let this serve as a warning) i do NOT appreciate ppl insulting my family members in any way. period. i may complain n criticise them a lot but i do NOT like ppl using those crude colloquial 'addresses' in conjunction wif my parents. same goes for my siblings. even tho my sis is annoying at times...heh. aik chuan has it coming, oh yes he does...ok, i did give him a piece of my mind...HOPEFULLY he can get it into his thick head or else.

juz minutes later, while i was still feeling damn pissed, this jack-who-thinks-he's-the-king-of-the-world beh came n played the 'body glove' on me (i.e. gave me a watery imprint on the back, prob becuz the stupid asshole was too clumsy to use the beaker properly n split his distilled water). now dun get me wrong, i'm not a bad sport or anything. BUT (n let THIS serve as another warning) i do NOT like *practical* jokes, n i do NOT like jokes played on me when i'm in a bad mood. n since i'm usually the siao siao type, if u c me quiet n moody-looking u noe wat it means. so jack has it coming too, oh yes he does. n prob faster too, since he's already on half the teachers' black list. come back to the subject of poems...there was this one i wrote during maths period on monday...wasnt gonna post it up cuz its kinda unfinished...but since i'm on the subject (n since its prob neva gonna b finished neway):

Let the arrows fly
let them pierce the sky
In waves they will sail
aim unerring, without fail

Let the heroes fall
dead, slain beneath the wall
Masters of sword and axe
struck down in a moment of lax

Let the earth tremble
the ghastly chanting, the rumble
As hordes march across plains
unstoppable in thunder and rain

Let my magic speak
energies of the ethereal leak
Let me save my world
the world behind the 'Hold

now i noe wat u'r thinking: 'what the heck, this is straight out of warcraft/lotr!' n yeah..i guess in a way those fantasy worlds hv somehow 'merged' into reality in my mind...haha...scary huh...i wasnt specifically thinking of wc or lotr but the influence is definitely there...

ok...way past bedtime (i've tentatively set 2am as my 'rehabilitation target') so ciaoz

p.s. sorry for the lack of links on my blog..havent got time 2 put them back yet...

p.s.s. come 2 think of it, aik chuan isnt such a bad sort cuz he photostated the front page for the muet file for me this morning...


Tan Sri said...

First time The Jack-Ass (as named by one of ur teachers) annoyed u eh :P

sjune said...

hey,put me out of this poetry thingy.that was not a poetry,it was lyrics duh.

poems......hmmm.......i make only chinese ones,last time

now i work on lyrics.

and i tot its usual to c guys using words like those.....being rude i mean.just a way to express disastification :P

dunno wor,but u are right to show ur temper cuz that makes him learn :P

sjune said...

and EXCUSE ME why is the "dead" word in front of my name??!!

jiahling said...

wat about "ta ma de"?

not ur mom other ppl's mom wor... =P

ok mebbe not...... (==|||

raptor_ravenlord said...

haha i can take 'tamade' anytime
but not 'nimade'

sjune said...

raptor why is the 'dead' word in front of my name hah?

and that was cheese lyrics not cheese poetry

sjune said...

jamban king dun make fun of my name har!

xinch said...

haha he's a nice guy jz coz he photostated a page for you? That's it man, I'm an angel! *grins cheerily*

But understand, I hate it when ppl make fun of my family too.. haha