Monday, April 18, 2005

Events on Saturday's a brief summary of the past saturday..juz to illustrate the extent of my time-wasting skills

8.30-10.30 - olympiad maths training in sch, for the first time stayed awake AND alert thru discussion of all but one problems

after that, had breakfast wif mom n sis, got home, showered n changed

12.00 - 1.30 - on9, trying to download a few elusive files on limewire which incidentally seems to be half-dead like bittorrent liao...oso met dan n received the steven lim video from him, which i heartily recommend to anyone wishing to laugh their heads off

after that - lunch, then came straight to the comp again...after promising myself that i wud just 'check the downloads' but...

2.00-3.30 - (major discovery: mp3 "jay chou - piano solo" is NOT a song by jay chou but sammi cheng...real name is 'ru guo wo men bu zai jian'...actually geh told me that b4 but i din believe him..haih dats the extent of my 'faith' in jay chou...mebbe i AM turning into his fan...) anyway, spent the afternoon searching for a midi of that song to convert into piano score n trying to get either overture or sibelius to convert it properly...which both of them failed to do so...

3.00-5.00 - nap; note the huge amount of time spent
5.00-6.30 - had my post-nap 'fix', i.e. coffee - i'm officially addicted to it now; then went on9 at 5.30 again, had another go at the score, then got fed up n printed it without editing; tried out the score a bit n fortunately it was *marginally* satisfactory

6.30-7.30?8.00? studying; more like, transcribing my notes from the maths training session this morning into full worked examples

then had the usual dinner at 8; missed my daily after-dinner piano practice

9.00-10.00 - finished up the maths, then tried to study physics but found maths ate up too much brain-grain d;
10.00-11.00 - reading stephen king's dark tower
11.00-1.30 - on9, doing essentially NOTHING cuz i was half asleep; later, energy levels rose for no reason, resulting in insomnia; did manage to badger dan into playing a few rounds of yahoo!chess including several rounds of blitz chess; oso beat xinch at pool (NYE NYE :P :P)
1.30 -3.00 - scolded off the comp; reading AGAIN
3.00-4.30 - on9, crapping wif lydia

slept at 4.30, end of day; regret of the day: din go to prefects' day (3 'days' in one sentence; my grammar/vocab is going down the drain!)

anyway, about today (sunday); missed taekwondo AGAIN (i wonder y i bother to even mention this cuz its been happening so often, its like the rule rather than the exception now) basically becuz i woke late, procrastinated, n started studying late (11am); din make much progress cuz lack of sleep n was trying to do some really stupid unnecessary calculations; plus had to fix the printer for my sis which took 2 hrs in the end cuz 1) was sidetracked by stuff like managing my downloads 2) did not have the printer driver cd n i deleted the printer 3) the printer cant print if its usb cable is not attached. n my sis pulled it out. n i din notice it.

other items of interest: dad's car got a puncture, was late to psc, xinch hit her head in the pool (dun ask...she'll kill me)


sjune said...

limewire.....i used that b4 it is damn slow...bitorrent i dunno how to i find ares is the best la,download very very fast.maybe u shud try ares

and btw u r having a very unhelathy life :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

ares there's a limit on downloading...once u've downloaded a certain amount u'll need to hv uploaded a similiar amount or u'll be branded a 'leech' n unable to download anymore

Tan Sri said...

haiyo...... sent u the link and u had to mahuan ppl to send the video to u
and i tot u were a crazy fan liao judging by the fact u sing so much of his songs in redbox and i drawed u in blitz chess :P

sjune said...

blitz chess?

amphibian sp. said...

ok, fair enuf if u din believe in me cos now we hav broken even!
ie i delayed d search 4 so long n u double checked it 'juz 2 make sure'...
gonna hav 2 ask u this again i'm afraid: 'HAPPY NOW?'