Tuesday, April 05, 2005

on Ill Luck and a Bad Day

i have always believed that if 'luck' was a real thing and every person has a different amount or 'level' of it, i possess much less of it compared to the people around me. this is largely because, as far as i remember, nothing good has ever happened to me that is a direct result of luck. this 'deficiency' of luck of mine is so tangible that, if i were to engage in a game, the outcome of which depends solely on luck (such as certain card and dice games), i would invariably lose. bad luck, though, seems to be my constant companion especially of late.

less than 2 weeks after a day which, though disastrously fraught with 'unfortunate events', was (hopefully) put in a less serious light than it actually was, i went through yet another day in which nothing seemed to go right. this time - perhaps because it was a school day where the pressure to meet my schedules and fulfill my responsibilities are higher - it seems to me much worse than the previous 'bad luck day'. hence i shall make no attempt to describe it comically and put it off so lightly this time.

today, bad luck manifested itself in the form of ill health; last night i hardly got any sleep thanks to a combination of cough and cold...to be more graphic, my nose was blocked while breathing through my mouth kept triggering coughing bouts because of a certain 'raw spot' in my throat. i did drift off several times but was repeatedly awakened, perhaps by breathing difficulties or just general discomfort. as a result, i went to school today with wat seemed like a ton-weight on my head; drowsiness, and an inability to focus severely taxed my mental faculties for the whole morning.

anyway during recess, i was walking back from the canteen with ming tatt when a student who was coming in the opposite direction bumped into me. only a second later it registered; the student had probably bumped me on purpose (there ppl in my sch who are always looking for trouble with the prefects; 'accidentally' bumping into them is one way). at that time, i did not relly think much of it..but later i realised that had the same thing happened 2 years back, i would hv made that student pay dearly; at the very least, pulled him over to make him apologize, even if he did not really do it on purpose. the point is, i hv become 'soft'; the incident made me feel unworthy of being a prefect because i no longer carry any of a prefect's authority. a small matter this may seem to others, but it made me feel bad all the same...

today we had practical sessions for both chemistry and physics; i did not prepare for the experiments so i did not know wat we were supposed to do. anyway due to all the coughing, i was literally left with 'no voice'...so...i dunno...perhaps it was becuz i wasnt speaking loudly enuf to be 'assertive'...when i tried asking some of my classmates about the experiments i was met with the cold shoulder. i just hate it when ppl ignore me, whether they did it on purpose or not. and that made me feel EVEN worse.

after school, i managed to make someone...a close fren...mad at me. i was supposed to pick up something from her at college but went out with frens for lunch first; in the end i made her wait from 1pm till 2.30pm; when i got there she was relly fuming at me (n dat was the first time i saw her angry...at me..!). also, i had planned to go to one-stop but because of a developing headache i had to cancel my plans n head home to

at home, i wasted the whole afternoon sleeping from 3 till 6.30. when i woke up, i realised that sometime during the day, a small inflamation in my gums had developed into a toothache. so just now during dinner i did not enjoy my food in the least...despite being ravenous because my dad came home late...apart from that, i also have a headache and fever coming on...n i cant be absent from sch tomolo cuz there will be a physics test which i havent studied for.

signing off to study now...hopefully i can still salvage wat remains of shit day...


amphibian sp. said...

hey mate, that's life...
good news to tell u. i've recovered now, really (you noe wat i mean... ;) so hope ur bad luck day won't encroach your other days, yea?!

take care!

sjune said...

pitiful shao ting!
well once i've a cough which developed into sorethroat and abdomen muscle pain...

and i noe the feelings of getting ignored by people!

anyway,wish u good luck,esp in ur physics test and get well soon!

one thing that the elders tell me.....once you have a muram face luck wont come to you :)

so cheer up :D