Tuesday, May 31, 2005

class photos for grad mag

product of a whole nite's work wif danny...those guys back in class better thank us well...!

Memoirs of a Republic Commando

well..there i have it....finally completed Star Wars: Republic Commando, one of d best fps games i ever played (n definitely the best star wars game)...in record time too, since i only startd last friday midnight/sat morning :P

as usual tho, games like that leave me with questions...for example, y are the weapons n armor n equipment etc of the clone commandos so advanced when its supposed 2 b set during the episode 2/3 period? like..they were using personal shielding n bacta charges dat can 'revive' a squadmate who's been 'killed'...n how did the clones develop such distinct personalities when they were supposedly 'created equal'?

but wat d heck..d game's damn great! i particularly liked d fact dat apart from ur main rifle n pistol u can only pick up one other weapon...but u can attach sniper or anti-armor (read: heavy mortar grenades) to ur blaster so u actually hv '5' guns to use....it sure makes a lot more sense than most fps games in which one little guy can load up to 10 freakin' guns n still jump around the battlefield....oso, ammo loadouts for weapons r oso quite realistic..for example u can carry a ton of rounds for ur blasters cuz they're basically energy cells..but only 4 anti-armor charges at once..dat makes for quite a bit of strategic planning too...as for squad AI, u hv 2 play it to believe it...damn advanced

ok....b4 i start to sound too much like a game reviewer, i think i'd better quit...anyway...poor ol' dan, wun get 2 play till end of d year :P

Monday, May 30, 2005

State Tourney n Piano Concert

state tourney was yesterday...came back so dead tired dat i 'only' managed 2 play 2 hrs of republic commando b4 hitting d bed...even tho i pledged not 2 put off blogging til the next time....anyway, in summary:

won 2 medals...1 silver 1 bronze....NO GOLD

silver was for individual pattern, n i cant believe i lost to this little blue belt from my centre (who did the same pattern as me) cuz he was always like so stim stim n blur blur 1....n his kicks werent even dat good! haha not saying dat i'm good lah. tho i DID manage 2 hold my side kicks :D n dat was after ONE day of training (we had a final training on friday..the only one i attended for the last..3? 4? weeks)

bronze was for team pattern. believe it or not, my team was assembled 5 minutes b4 the competition started n we had all of 3 minutes' training to shape things up. hehe. n damn 'colourful' team it was...black (yong min), red (some malay adult guy), blue (firdaus...the guy who beat me in individual pattern), blue-tip - which is basically green (:D), n yellow (danny, oso an adult). but b4 u guys start thinking 'walao wat a great team', honesty compels me 2 add dat there were only 4 teams competing n one other team was also from LMTC..n they forgot their pattern. hehe. 'nuff sed.

anyway...despite those minor 'wins', the tourney left me feeling less than satisfied...as usual, cuz of d sparring. y? i waited from bout 2.30 till **7.30** for 1 minute of 'glory' then was eliminated in the 1st round. n i was seriously doubting the judges' decision. cuz i THOUGHT i hit dat guy in d head once (well, someone else saw it too) while all he did was front kick all the way. but his 1st kick was a solid hit lah. so mebbe i'm juz having too high an opinion of myself.

yesterday i oso ate the least meals in a day ever....had no breakfast, not even a cup of milo...then at lunch only got one measly package of rice...well, cud hv got seconds but dat was b4 my pattern competition n i din wan 2 throw up in d middle of d ring...then had dinner at 10 cuz we went home late n i only reached home around dat time...

republic commando rocks.

the next day:

the butterflies hatched n began mutating into monsterflies in my stomach as i realised i havent practiced my concert piece for....4 days...wed till sat...cuz of exams, then having tuition n training on friday, then whole of yesterday was at state tourney...n of all blasted luck, my 'jelly-fingers' syndrome came in the morning...(there r time when my fingers juz feel limp n boh-lat liddat...dunno if it was something i ate or not enuf sleep or wat lah...they juz happen at times n i cant control my playing cuz the fingers feel 'not there')...so after going thru d piece a few times i went to play...guess wat...republic commando while my sis practiced...fortunately later after a short nap i played better liao...then it was time for the final countdown....

arrived at komtar around 2...we reached the auditorium n i plonked down n started practicing..man, the grand piano there had keys like stone! halfway thru the piece my left hand was starting to feel the strain liao...but that was the least of my problems...i messed up somewhere n cudnt continue...cuz the piece is kinda like 'in my fingers' not 'in my head', so i cudnt recall the notes without d score if i juz stopped liddat...so in the end i decided to use the score while playing after all lah..

at around 3pm the concert startd....mine was in the 2nd half, after an intermission..so i tried 2 relax n enjoy d others' playing...din relly succeed tho. as usual, yun xuan wowed the crowd wif his superb performance n left me green wif envy...he played movements 1 n 2 from yellow river n was sipek keng....there were a few 'rising stars' oso....younger ones who played well for their age....n a few interesting combinations like singing n strings ensembles n piano duets...

the intermission was painfully short, juz enuf for me 2 do my 'inspection'...u guys shud noe wat DAT means eh? :P then it was d 2nd half liao...a few short pieces by younger students later, it was my turn....i guess i din do THAT badly lah cuz i din freeze up...n there was the reassurance of having d score in front of me tho i only looked at it in the last page....but i was so jittery i rushed thru d piece n made quite a few mistakes...luckily they (hopefully) werent obvious to anyone who hasnt played dat piece b4....

anyway the concert ended bout 6, yun xuan's mom dropped me n my sis home (oh ya, i 4got 2 mention my sis played too...maiden's prayer) n i drove 2 psc while my sis stayed home, the piggie...

end of log.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Return of the Ravenlord

"At long last. I am free!" - raptor_ravenlord, 2005.

Hehe i'm sure many of u had missed my witty, informative n humorous posts during the last few days (or was it weeks...) :D anyway, the ravenlord is back with a vengeance!

lets start off wif a brief summary of my last 2 weeks. n i mean brief, cuz there relly isnt much to write bout neway...basically, i had been tied down wif studying becuz of d stupid midyear exam. i said it b4 n i'll say it again...if i can ever go back in time to find the one who invented exams, i'll...do some bad things to him - juz wat exactly, i'll leave to ur imagination....

anyway...besides studying "24/7", i managed to squeeze in some time to:
1) practice the piano
2) play cs
3) play magic II, a nifty little game on my hp dats surprisingly addictive
4) listen to all jay chou's albums at least 10 times each
5) exercise to get marginally in shape for the tournament

for the last few weeks i had been following a fairly regular pattern during my week days...after sch i wud get home, hv lunch n bath n wat-not, then go on9 (or more recently, cs) to check mail n blogs, then its nap time...when i wake up around 6 or 7 i'll hv my daily dose of the Good Stuff (i.e. coffee), do a bit of studying then hv dinner...followed by bout half n hr of piano practice - until the stupid cantonese serial my parents had been avidly following starts at 9pm - then start studying till midnite...then usually i'll on9 a bit more b4 getting chased off d comp by my mom, then exercise n go to bed around 3. heh. talk bout concise n precise summary eh?

anyway...the last week or so had been different in that i virtually (but not completely lah) eliminated my on9 hrs...tho i DID spend an inordinate time playing cs last friday nite (hey, it was the start of 4 days' holidays...who can blame me?)...from 12 midnight till bout 3.30am hehe...n bout 3 days ago i 'discovered' the joys of simple games like magic II...played so much dat i pretty much filled up the high scores in fact..hehe..ming tatt was like so boh kam buan cuz i beat his prev hi-score....

about the exam papers: (in chronological order)

maths 2 - well it wasnt as hard as it 'traditionally' was...still i pretty much screwed it up wif stupid carelessness...plus i think i hv this problem in dat i work at a slug's pace (slug as in snail, not bullet) during exams...but hey...its a 3-hr paper...cant blame a normal guy for lack of stamina...stupid Examination Council shud relly revise their syllabus...they can remove d whole paper for all i care :P anyway wat i was most hung up over was a mistake i made in copying (1 + x) as (1 - x) resulting in me getting the last part of a question (worth 3 or 4 marks) wrong...if i'm not mistaken d answer was supposed to be d length of a chord n it was an imaginary number. lol.

P.A. - paper 2 was surprisingly not as bad as i tot..probably becuz it was d only time i ever mananaged 2 complete it wif time 2 spare..got nearly 15 mins to check thru n correct a few spelling mistakes...however, paper 1 more than made up for p2's lack of 'killer-bility'...to put in in kai lin's words, "有读跟没有读一样". or mebbe i juz din study enuf lah haih..

physics - not too bad...i like physics n had been keeping up wif d lessons so it was mostly ok barring stupid incidents like in maths 2. din relly hv time to check thru tho...so i'm keeping my fingers crossed...

maths 1 - well, the slug-syndrome strikes again...believe it or not, i slept at 4 the nite b4...playing magic II from 2.30 to 4...shit lah...screwed myself from lack of sleep...which was the main cause for me 'blanking out' several times during d paper...but luckily it wasnt too hard lah...managed to do all without any major problems although like many of d other papers i din hv time to check thru

chem - ah. the major shit...besides having an intrinsic dislike for chem n a sucky chem teacher, i banyak last-minute-work this one...luckily the paper wasnt too hard...had a huge scare doing paper 1 (the last paper) cuz i slug-ed so much dat when the teacher announced "7 minutes left" i havent even begun filling in d answer sheet...luckily managed 2 settled everything in time...in the nick of time i shud say..n needless to say, din check.

(reminder to self: format computer so i can install half-life, n write something for the grad mag)

exam-period gripes:

- time waste
as mentioned above, spent much more time playing cs n magic II than i shud hv...mebbe chem cud hv done better if i din spend those hrs blasting ppl wif SMGs or stacking up magic balls....

- noisy sister
man i got one hell of a sister...n i mean it literally...imagine playing the same f*cking song 20 times in a row...back to back...n dat song isnt even nice...n at a volume so high i cudnt block it out by holing up in my room...n my parents din so much as raise a finger (until my mom wanted to 'read newspapers in quiet')

- parental pressure
basically its my mom...basically she thinks studies r more important than my well-being...n basically she thinks dat maths outweighs every other subject in importance. 'nuff said...cuz if ur mom is like dat u'll understand..n if she isnt, u wun no matter how much i say.

random thoughts:

- notice how often these 'random thoughts' parts come into my posts? (i notice they appear a lot in lydia's blog oso) well it juz shows how disorganised my mind is...i cant seem to gather everything i need/want to write bout when i'm actually sitting in front of d comp...or else i wud only think of them near the end of my post...so here it is...

- notice how u always cook up lots of plans for the holidays during d exam period, then when d hols roll around n dunno where to start n end up wasting most of it? well...mebbe u dun...but i do...i keep getting ideas like 'practice sparring wif chia ling' n 'go canoeing at psc'...then i'd tell myself "make plans for it after exams" but until now i still havent gotten round to thinking bout my holiday schedule yet...

- the lower 6 are in! the boys - nothing much to comment on, cuz they're mostly familiar faces....but the girls....ah..the girls... :D well to quote a few ppl: "今年的素质好象比较好得多"...."刚才驾过罢了就转头不知道几次了"...."为什么我们的Form没有美女像Lower Six的?"

- under-rated, under-listened-to jay chou song: 分裂 (from album 八度空间)

- tomolo's tkd tourney, i'm competing in individual pattern n free sparring. amen...

- sunday's piano concert, my playing still sux. god save the ravenlord...

- got lotsa more things to write bout actually...but as i sed...i'm damn disorganised..cant think of them at d moment...ah yes...(reminder to self: start bittorrent downloads again!)

raptor signing off....

- forgot to complain bout something: d sch is damn kiam siap...1stly, they only turned on the aircond about mid-morning even if there's a paper earlier...n the fans were off oso...so basically we're sweating like pigs inside the hall lah...i was like.."HUH? they let us take the exam like that?" com'on lah...n besides that i found it ridiculous dat they expected us to do our calculations n stuff on our objective question papers for phys n chem..cuz they did NOT provide rough paper...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Type of Killer Are You?

well....seems like quite a number of bloggers on my list hv tried this quiz...n it seemed kinda fun...so i tot wat the heck....
n wat do u noe? the quiz's damn accurate too...hehe...minus the pic lah of course

Pic: Ninja

You are a Ninja.
You are like a samurai gone bad. The good side
is no longer interesting you and feel that
darkness is where you belong. Though you may
think you are the evil one, you're not. Because
deep inside there is still that little glimpse
of who you once were. You don't like to
associate with people that much and keep away.
In your mind they are ignorant and not so
interesting anyway. That means you are a lonely
person who don't trust people, and you have
really no desire to do so either. Life is a big
pain and annoyance for you and you aren't quite
sure on how to handle it. Other people see you
as mysterious and secretive, and that is
probably right.

Main weapon: Daggers and throwing
Quote: "I hate people. People make
me pro-nuclear" - Margaret Smith
Facial expression: Frown

What Type of Killer Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road
goes on and on
passing lights
splintering darkness as black night sets
then glitters fill the shroud
as starry skies appear

The sun peaks from East
baring His vicious grin
another cycle herald'd
of madness, of solitude
neverending, boundless, beyond limits
What have I become?

Lonesome Lands
exist nowhere
becoming my world of late
and I hardly live on through
as it gnaws at me

Every step resounds
the echoes fill my head
I can't shake this emptiness
walking among the crowd
I'm surrounded yet no one's there
Why am I alone?

Lonesome Paths
wind back to Earth
broken choices
bringing little grace as time wearies on
though stiffled hope glimmers
as the Road unfolds

Beware this pounding heart
fear my inner flame
where the Beast resides
I couldn't contain it within
But still I never knew
When did it break free?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sorry for the long absence.....

....n sorry in advance for the long absence ahead :P

in case anyone hasnt guessed, i had been bz studying like mad for the past week (well, not exactly like mad..u can still c me on9 punctually at 12 every night....but lazy 2 update mar :P)

anyway...whoa....sure has been a long time since i opened the BlogThis! window n sat down to spill my thoughts...so....here's a brief (?) account of my week:

[warning: long post! for best results, take in moderate doses i.e. one section at a time]

to start it off, i bring u the 2nd n final episode of....
24 Hours: To KL And Back - An Unforgettable Journey of Epic Proportions
at about 12.45 we left the bus station...besides kai lin n me, there were several other clhs ppl including chenn yih, chia yong, chern chung n choon yee (notice the 'c's...heh). the bus was quite new, all nice n comfy n big seats, which gave me a (wrong) impression of Gunung Raya as a good bus company...

to cut a long story short, i slept most of the journey, tho b4 dat i did manage to aggravate kai lin by singing to my discman :P

reached pudu raya in kl around 5.30am...all in all, we made rather good time (as compared to yst, at least). we then went hunting for the Old China Town Hotel where the rest of our class was staying....got there, made a racket banging on the walls, then went inside the 'men's room' where samuel, shin jeh, kok wei n tze liang were staying (the 'ladies', choon yi, chee siang, yong shen n suat hui were staying in the other room) where i terus collapsed on the bed dat kok wei n shin jeh so kindly vacated :P actually, they had to go change ticket at the bus station cuz shin jeh had to go home....his parents called 2 say his grandfather passed away last nite...haih...

oh btw, there were comps for use but the exorbitant price (RM3/HALF hr) put us off..

anyway around 7.30, after seeing shin jeh off at the station, we had breakfast porridge at 'chi cheong kai' the infamous kl street where u can get a gun for two dollars n some fine ass for even less. juz kiddin. upon reaching the examination centre, SM Confucian Private, we encountered a LOOONG queue...apparently the japanese embassy staff wasnt as efficient as supposed :P there we met up wif 'half of chung ling' - while dats an exaggeration, there WAS around 50-60 ppl from our sch...making up over 10% of the 400-odd ppl. looking around at the huge crowd, raptor's chick-radar clicked into overdrive but failed to turn up any promising specimens. hehe :P

the tests: to sum it up, disaster.

first off was english, supposedly my strongest subject. wat i din expect was dat japan has long progressed beyond the "All your base are belong to us" level of english n the paper went from being 'ok' to insanely tough...it was in 5 sections n the last, a comprehension passage, was so abstract dat later when i asked yst he concurred dat it made no meaning to him either. probably the critical lack of sleep was affecting me too....wif less than 2 hrs' solid sleep, i cud hardly keep my head off d desk. in fact, true to my style, i took a 'nap' after finishing the paper b4 rousing myself to go thru the paper wif my partially-replenished energy.

next up: maths. prior to the paper, i unleashed my 'secret weapon'...a can of cafe latte nescafe coffee i brought for emergencies :P still, stupidity n lack of practice took the place of sleepiness, n i messed it up....left one whole section (out of 3) blank save for some meaningless scribbles...

chem - even worse. ever since entering f6 my chem had been on the decline (for some reason, i got the highest in form for chem in the 1st test in lower 6...then dropped until 60-something in the last test) n those from my class know who's to blame right? wrong! its my own fault. anyway, even the physical chem parts i had some unsure parts even tho its easy cuz i havent revised...n the organic chem parts were killers! wat made me most guilty was a section concerning isomerism which ah pek has taught but i wasnt paying attention to...

then following that we had a lunch break, my class wanted to visit the bakery of all places so i went wif ming tatt, yst n a few others instead...tried out 'char seow rice' at a coffee shop...it was ok (more than ok at dat time due to our rumbling stomachs :P) but expensive by penang standards - RM4.00 for a small plate barely satisfying my hunger...

2pm - last paper, physics. i suppose i did reasonably well in this, oddly enuf. or mebbe its becuz i had been following the lessons :P at any rate, the paper was challenging but for clhs students its no problemo...anyway it was the only paper i did not swear at the moment i pass it up..hehe

to sum up the tests, apart from english the papers were actually quite easy if u had read thru the whole f6 syllabus. basically if u wan to get the scholarship, i think all u hv to do is read thru the syllabus without needing to go into any chapter in depth like stpm does...but of course if we followed the sch's pace we'll be 'overstudying' certain chapters n 'neglecting' others.

after we finished the tests, we had some time to kill b4 our bus leaves at 5.30pm...so we decided to go separate ways n meet up at the appointed time n place...i went wif yst, yu hee n han yee to the infamous street again....actually, we were headed for popular bookstore. when we got there, we searched thru all 4 storeys of it n found nothing but stationery n chinese books...then baru saw a sign 'advertising' the other popular bookstore 2 blocks away...apparently the english n chinese books were kept in different stores...so off we trooped (bunch of english-worshipping OCBCs we r...)

at the other store we met up wif some of my classmates....after browsing thru their painfully tiny collection of novels (there were only THREE stephen king novels on display...somebody sue them!) i picked up a book on martial arts (hehe) n read it till the other ppl pulled me off to tea/dinner...they figured we'd better fill our stomachs b4 boarding d bus cuz it'll only arrive in pg at 11pm....along the way we stopped outside a ba kua shop (some famous brand but i cant remember) n the pig kai lin dragged me inside to look around...imagine wat DAT did to my growling stomach! n the pig bought a packet summore...damn expensive at RM30-something for 600g....

anyway, after having dinner at mcdonalds, where i discovered the wonders of pepper-laced french fries (oso discovered its much more convenient to apply ketchup to the fries straight from the dispenser, thus bypassing the need for a saucer to hold the ketchup) we headed for the bus station...then apparently a few of the other guys got lost so i headed back wif yst to look for them...along the way i divulged my secrets in the art of toilet-rating....yst listend wif an encouraging interest...hmm, perhaps its time i took an apprentice...anyway, i 'rated' the toilet in a kfc outlet b4 we headed back to the station. oh, b4 i forgot, we passed by an old malay guy wif a guitar outside the station...wif his loudspeaker-enhanced song/chanting n jarring chords he was prob trying to 'sell his talent' as yst put it in chinese, but in reality he was adding to the already negative image of our capital...hehe

after boarding the bus we fooled around taking pics n such, n had a major scramble for the mini-badges dat we bought to distribute to our classmates back in pg....the badges had smiley-faces printed on a flag background...n we each picked 2...

about 2 minutes into the return journey, we realised dat (1) the bus was dangerously close to falling apart, especially at the wheels/suspension; n (2) we hv a nutcase for a driver. along the way out of kl, he cud be heard honking his way thru traffic n shouting obscenities out the window....n believe it or not, he drove straight thru a red light! as if dat wasnt bad enuf he took corners at (relatively) breakneck speeds...breakneck for the bus dat is, which in addition to being already top-heavy, had wheels dat threatened to fly off whenever d driver did his 'stunts'..

fortunately once on the highway things settled down n the rest of the trip passed uneventfully...by unspoken consensus we had 'dinner' consisting of bread n such at around 8.30pm. around 11pm, we pulled into the bus station near pesta....chin kok our ever(over?)-responsible monitor was actually waiting in his car to pick some of us up...so i tumpanged his car to greenlane mcdonalds then my mom picked me up....

n so concludes the Unforgettable Journey of Epic Porportions....

nothing eventful for the week, except i stayed home mon n thu cuz (1) lazy, (2) had to study, (3) raining; so...fast forward to...
Friday: Sardines in Bio Tuition
the early class for tanjong bio tuition has been changed to 2.15pm, so i headed there straight after sch to 'book' seats...when i arrived at 1.45pm there was already quite a crowd....n the stupiak clerk was late n made us all wait outside the building for a good freakin' 20 minutes!

finally at 2.05 she showed up n unlocked the gate n we filed up to the classroom...being gentlemen we clhs guys let the gals go in 1st (well, actually they were bunched up outside the gate so there wasnt much choice) n cuz of the narrow staircase up we cudnt overtake them...so it looked like they were gonna get all the good seats...but suddenly a heroic figure flew up the back staircase which they overlooked n got into the classroom juz in time to book a good row of seats for his fellow brethren...n guess who was that? none other than yours truly :P

so after plonking down my stuff i went out to hv lunch....nasi kandar...imagine my annoyance when i came back n found dat some miserable unfortunate ingrates hv 'displaced' my seat! luckily mona has arrived n i managed to squeeze in beside him. reminder to self: next time, juz get a seat for myself n dun budge from it until support (mona) arrives...

anyway...to clarify the heading above...it was PACKED like a sardine can in the classroom dat day....basically there r 2 classes for this bio tuition n u can choose to go to either one..but the other class is at 6.45-8.15pm - an inconvenient time for most ppl - so about 80% of d ppl preferred to cramp their way into the early class...which makes it about...200? 250? ppl squeezed together closer than sardines....

things took a comical turn when the tuition teacher strode in with a stack of blank white papers...then he started taping them to the whiteboard....rupa-rupanya the projector screen went to the Big Projector Room In The Sky d....then later on, the teacher's speech kept coming out distorted cuz the microphone system went to the Big Audio House In The Sky....so, in his own words: "today the centre everything oso rosak"...

anyway, dats it for friday.

the next day....
Saturday: Maths Mess-up
as implied above, the olympiad maths paper was a damn buggering disaster. there were only 5 questions, 3 compulsory n 2 to choose from, so we hv to do 4 in all....n i only managed to do 2, both of which were so cheap it brings shame to the whole olympad maths standard. in fact, the whole paper was damn easy compared to past years....i remember when i participated in f4, i cudnt answer even a single problem. but anyway, out of the 2 questions i cudnt answer, one of them made use of a simple mathematical relationship which, had i known it, wud hv made the question almost literally kindergarten work...the worst thing was, almost everyone else knew that relationship n hence was able to solve it....in fact from asking around it seems like everyone but me managed to do that questions.....haih.

now one thing doing this olympiad maths had in common wif sitting for the japanese scholarship test was dat in both papers, i did horribly where i shudnt...then finding out later on dat the solution to a particular problem was actually painfully simple had i directed my thoughts in the right way

in conclusion, either i'm intellectually inferior or i simply wasnt working hard enuf to maximise my potential...both of which dun exactly leave me feeling good...

other random stuff....
apparently frequent insomnia has changed my sleep pattern...or rather, reduced my sleep requirement....now dat i'm used (relatively speaking) to sleeping 3-4 hrs a night, i feel much more rested when i get 5 or 6 hrs of sleep on weekends....even tho half a year ago dat amount of sleep wud leave me half-conscious throughout the day...

damn clhs for always fixing exam dates juz b4 holidays! immediately after exams (sat 28/5) there's state tourney....n did i mention i was absent from tkd AGAIN today? dats the 3rd consecutive week i missed training...this time i prob wun even get anything for individual pattern...n immediately after THAT, there's ms. ho's piano concert....its juz my luck dat she decided to hold it in a public place this year (komtar auditorium, come support if u interested! :P) when i m busiest wif exams....i'm playing Brahm's Zwei Rhapsodien which is seriously out of practice...add that to the traditional shaking hands dat accompany public performance n i foresee disaster....

finally *sigh of relief* i discovered dat i've got hooked on powdered drinks lately...on a typical schday i drink a mug of ovaltine b4 sch, a cup of coffee in d afternoon, n another mug of ovaltine (sometimes mixed wif coffee) at night....believe it or not, dats roughly half a mug of powder total...plus sugar....i wonder wats it gonna do to my health in the long term....

[total time spent blogging: 1 hrs, 42 minutes]

Monday, May 09, 2005

24 Hours: To KL And Back - An Unforgettable Journey of Epic Proportions

to be politically correct, it was juz a little over 22 hrs...cuz the bus started at 12.45am n left penang around 1...n reached penang 11pm. neway, here's a brief summary of the "Unforgettable Journey of Epic Proportions"...

(the author decides that typing the whole narrative wud take too long n require far more energy than he has available so he decides to quote from a msn chat session as a temporary stand-in)

~DanZ~ 我只要求你明白... says:
how did it go? ;P

Raptor Ravenlord says:

Raptor Ravenlord says:
did miserably at all the papers

Raptor Ravenlord says:
wasted around RM70 total plus a whole day of studying

Raptor Ravenlord says:
n missed another tkd class

~DanZ~ 我只要求你明白... says:
ahaha..... all for the experience lar.. at least u noe wat to expect in stpm

Raptor Ravenlord says:
n no, i din manage to hook up wif the 'hottest kl chick ever'

stay tuned for the next installment of 24 Hours: To KL And Back by raptor_ravenlord!

meanwhile, we bring more news from the land of ravenlord:
as of 1/5, raptor_ravenlord has officially passed his driving probation period! in fact for the past week he has been driving to sch wif an expired P licence in his wallet :P it is expected that he will receive his FULL-FEATURED, NON-PROBATIONAL licence from his driving sch sometime tomolo (monday 9/5)!!!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Monbuka Monbuku Mo-something....

tonite...or rather, early tomolo...i'll be boarding the bus to kl for a one day trip...to confucian private secondary sch...n the activities of the day will include English Language Examination, Mathematics B (dun ask wat it stands for...i'll tell u - its 'Bull__') Examination, Chemistry Examination, Physics Examination n 3 Japanese Language papers (no, i dunno japanese...other than these 3 words: 'arigatou', 'sayonara' n 'hentai' :P)

for the benefit of those who duno wat i'm yakking about, i'm going to kl (with probably about half of the students in clhs) for a written examination...its for a scholarship offered by the japanese government...the 'Monbukagakusho' (i juz checked) scholarship....dont try to pronounce it without 1st buying insurance tho...

basically the test covers the whole stpm syllabus so i hv no idea how i'm gonna deal wif it...but hey, its the experience that counts....who wans to go to japan, land of perverts anyway? :P but according to ppl, the scholarship recipients get a HUGE allowance monthly...enuf to send money home in most cases...so its a good deal lah....i do need dough to fund my future war machine rite? the course preceded by a year's intensive japanese language course tho....cuz its in japanese...neway its a great opportunity for ppl like me who r sick of the local education system to set their sights further....IF i manage to get it...tho the chances of that r essentially nil...

neway...most of my classmates left for kl last nite/this morning so they hv a day to loiter around the polluted streets of the capital n pit their wits against the country's best muggers, snatch-thieves, pickpockets, conmen n taxi-drivers....i din go wif them thanx to kai lin (he's a guy, in case anyone's wondering) who wanted an extra day to study...but its ok by me oso lah...cuz going down there will mean the whole weekend wasted...not that i'm too far from accomplishing that tho...neway i'll be going down wif kai lin tonite (juz the 2 of us...ghee n rentai...jealous yet? i noe mona is :P) n we're supposed 2 meet up wif the rest of our classmates when we arrive....then go straight to the exam venue for the test....

so....ppl, wish me luck k! n hope i get to hook up wif some hot kl chix..hehe kiddin....my 2nd wife mona will b keeping a sharp eye on me so no hanky-panky :(

till tomorrow then, oh darlin' bloggie!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

actually i wrote a little poem to go wif the title but decided it sounds too nursery-rhyme-like :P

anyway...it rained again today...i noe a lot of ppl will be heaving sighs of relief as it temporarily kept the hot weather at bay....but personally i think i'd rather hv a hot day than this...cuz wat wif the 'slippery fingers syndrome' (kenot play piano) n sleepiness (kenot study) the whole day had been a big fat waste of time....spent 2+ hrs on9 this afternoon n then slept till 6.30pm...n after waking i din do much studying anyway...for some reason electrochemistry seems 2 b absurdly confusing to me...aih mebbe its juz my brain getting rusty lah

(note: this entry is hereby awarded Shortest Post of the Year by raptor_ravenlord)

edited at 11.43pm:
forgot to mention that my resolution to stop or reduce coffee drinking has failed miserably...it actually lasted only one day :P cuz on tuesday felt too tired n had no choice...i din wan 2 waste another day drowsing at the desk....so not my fault!

events of note:
tuesday - ate 3 pieces of fried chicken for lunch....bad for health
wednesday - latest nap n sleep so far...napped from 5.30-8pm (cuz i got home late n then played Gunner 2 for abt 1 hr :P); slept at 4.30am cuz i drank coffee even after waking from nap at 8...hehe

edit ends 11.50pm

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Coffee....Coffee...I WAAAAN...

today marked the first day of my attempt to wean myself from coffee in the 2+ weeks leading up to the midyear exams....i figured that at the rate its affecting my sleep patterns, i prob wun last till d exams....plus while its causing insomnia n all that, its actual stimulating effect is decreasing....so hopefully, at the end of these 2 weeks my coffee tolerance will hv dropped back to a tolerable level (no pun intended) i.e. i dunnit 2 drink so much to feel the positive effects...n can get the maximum 'oomph' from it during the exam period :P

n boy, i juz discovered i AM addicted to coffee...by the end of dinner i was starting to drowse liao; come to think of it, i was ALWAYS drowsy after a meal until coffee came into my life :P but anyway after such a long time of 'optimal functioning' its kinda hard 2 get used 2 lah - i cud hardly concentrate on studying...which explains y i spent 2 hrs juz on electrode potential shit....

anyway i can tell its gonna b a hard road to 'rehabilitation'...n hopefully its not gonna affect my studying for too long too much...cuz i'm quite far behind in chem n PA...n this weekend gonna be wasted in kl taking that japanese mongkasai-sai scholarship test....

earlier in the day:
chuan huan's bday party at redbox....b4 that, went to the body glove sale at island plaza wif lydia to shop for his present...n in the end i bought one wallet for myself (quite kewl...i discovered a few minutes earlier that it glows in the dark :D), one bag for chuan huan, and lydia bought...1, 2, 3, 4, 5....6? 7? assorted items including pencil 'box', wallets, bags n god noes wat else...!! lesson of the day: never go shopping wif a gal...

arrived at gurney late by about 20 minutes thanx 2 lydia who spent bout half n hr shopping for her own stuff *glares* it was then we discovered to our horror that the bag we bought for chuan huan was faulty! one of the shoulder straps was broken...dun ask y lydia never checked b4 choosing it (n dun ask y i din check either :P) so when we got to redbox we called sue lyn out n after much discussion we decided to go ask for a replacement later n hv sue lyn pass it to chuan huan...

so the next 2+ hrs were spent at redbox singing out lungs out...hehe...there were about 15 ppl but only 6 or so were actively singing...make that 7.....lydia, suelyn, chenn yih, wen jenn aka nicholas tse, chia yong's gf su wei (chia yong himself was rather quiet :P), the birthday boy chuan huan aka skymage n of course, yours truly :P n when u get to pick more of ur own songs n ur frens keep picking songs dat u like oso, its no wonder dat u sing urself hoarse :P wonder how much damage i did to my frens' ears today liao haha

after the redbox session we headed for secret recipe to 'chia' chuan huan cheesecake...cuz no one supplied cake earlier....n goofed around awhile lah....then had 2 go our separate ways d...i was actually quite anxious to get home 2 start studying....but anyway we had 2 go to island again to get a replacement for that bag...then dropped lydia home n went home myself...discovered that silent hunter 3 has finished downloading so i tested it out (typical me)...whoosh, the graphics! n even bigger whoosh: the requirements!! anyway had a short (relatively) nap, played piano awhile, had dinner, then studied till 11.30pm....

btw...about that 'easter egg' i mentioned...u noe when chatterbox goes down it displays a relly annoying msg that goes "This Flooble Chatterbox is currently unavailable. It will be back up shortly." or some other shit? well..i made it a bit more interesting n it worked...i saw it a couple times when i was revamping my template....

Sunday, May 01, 2005

font testing 1, 2, 3

tiny font size
small font size
normal font size
large font size
huge font size

font size "1"
font size "2"
font size "3"
font size "4"
font size "5"
font size "6"
font size "7"
font size "8"
font size "10"
font size "12"
font size "15"

font size "xx-small"
font size "x-small"
font size "small"
font size "medium"
font size "large"
font size "x-large"

report on today (Sat)

today was MUET. n it sucked.

as usual i went into the examination hall (room, in this case) with less than 4 hrs of sleep behind me...cuz last nite was playing chess, then lay awake awhile as i wasnt used to sleeping so early (relatively speaking).

during reading comprehension (my weakest area, imho) as usual i finished the paper quickly n took a nap b4 waking up to go thru the 'problematic' questions; as usual my tendency to chase shadows (i.e. look for hidden 'traps' n logic that simply werent there) led me to make a number of silly mistakes (i checked my answers against samuel n there were like 6 or 7 different); besides that, i guess i was overconfident this time..i actually spent bout 10 mins drawing a starfighter n several fighting stick figures on the question paper *rolls eyes* n at the end of the test when the invigilator was collecting the answer sheets i baru realised there were 2 'problem questions' i havent fully looked at yet....so i left their answers unchanged even tho i had doubts bout one of them...sure enuf, it turned out wrong...outrageously wrong (the answer i chose wasnt even mentioned in the text...)

then next up was writing...i din do dat well for it either...tho it wasnt completely my fault this time lah cuz i always sucked at summary...but the essay i think i managed to get in a few points...IF ONLY THE EXAMINER CAN READ MY HANDWRITING! as usual i started off strong n confident n at the end was rushing to complete in time...so the last page *shudders* lets juz say i had trouble reading my own handwriting when i tried to check. thankfully (or not so thankfully) the examiner collected my paper b4 i cud check the last page so i was spared the agony of looking at my horrible script n not being able 2 do anything bout it...

fortunately listening was quite ok...quite straightforward lah...but still i can practically kiss band 6 goodbye d thanx 2 the 1st 2 papers....so its RM50 down the drain...aih

2nd gripe of the day: i did not study at all the whole day. after reaching home i had lunch then went on9 till bout 4.30, napped till 6.30, mucked around n played a little piano n b4 i knew it, it was dinner time...n we went out to eat n waited a horribly long time at this new open air restaurant (dun ask me where...u ppl shud noe my geography skills r the 'best') so when we got home it was like 9.30pm....an hr later than usual...n after typing something for my mom i got engaged first in a chess game wif dan, then a literati round wif dan n tansri...by the end of it all - 1am. went downstairs, wasted summore time, exercised a little, showered...n here i am typing this n knowing i'm going 2 be short on sleep again tomolo....

signing off.

Its A Hot World After All

(to the tune of "Its A Small World After All")
Its a Hot World after all
hot as crowded 'ssembly hall
or a stuffy fanless mall
its a Hot, Hot World

Its a Hot World after all
feels like wrapped in hundred shawls
and this heat ain't good for balls
its a Hot, Hot World

(faster still)
Its a Hot World after all
sweaty puddles...slip 'n fall
find someone to kick 'n maul
its a Hot, Hot World

(very very fast)
Its a Hot World after all
hot enuf to make skin crawl
its so hot i want to 'aou'

well i guess this song pretty much sums up my opinion of the weather nowadays.