Sunday, May 01, 2005

report on today (Sat)

today was MUET. n it sucked.

as usual i went into the examination hall (room, in this case) with less than 4 hrs of sleep behind me...cuz last nite was playing chess, then lay awake awhile as i wasnt used to sleeping so early (relatively speaking).

during reading comprehension (my weakest area, imho) as usual i finished the paper quickly n took a nap b4 waking up to go thru the 'problematic' questions; as usual my tendency to chase shadows (i.e. look for hidden 'traps' n logic that simply werent there) led me to make a number of silly mistakes (i checked my answers against samuel n there were like 6 or 7 different); besides that, i guess i was overconfident this time..i actually spent bout 10 mins drawing a starfighter n several fighting stick figures on the question paper *rolls eyes* n at the end of the test when the invigilator was collecting the answer sheets i baru realised there were 2 'problem questions' i havent fully looked at i left their answers unchanged even tho i had doubts bout one of them...sure enuf, it turned out wrong...outrageously wrong (the answer i chose wasnt even mentioned in the text...)

then next up was writing...i din do dat well for it either...tho it wasnt completely my fault this time lah cuz i always sucked at summary...but the essay i think i managed to get in a few points...IF ONLY THE EXAMINER CAN READ MY HANDWRITING! as usual i started off strong n confident n at the end was rushing to complete in the last page *shudders* lets juz say i had trouble reading my own handwriting when i tried to check. thankfully (or not so thankfully) the examiner collected my paper b4 i cud check the last page so i was spared the agony of looking at my horrible script n not being able 2 do anything bout it...

fortunately listening was quite ok...quite straightforward lah...but still i can practically kiss band 6 goodbye d thanx 2 the 1st 2 its RM50 down the drain...aih

2nd gripe of the day: i did not study at all the whole day. after reaching home i had lunch then went on9 till bout 4.30, napped till 6.30, mucked around n played a little piano n b4 i knew it, it was dinner time...n we went out to eat n waited a horribly long time at this new open air restaurant (dun ask me where...u ppl shud noe my geography skills r the 'best') so when we got home it was like hr later than usual...n after typing something for my mom i got engaged first in a chess game wif dan, then a literati round wif dan n the end of it all - 1am. went downstairs, wasted summore time, exercised a little, showered...n here i am typing this n knowing i'm going 2 be short on sleep again tomolo....

signing off.

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