Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thoughts on Teaching

today marked the end of my short 3-month stint as assistant instructor (taekwondo, in case anyone's dense enuf not to catch on) at convent pulau tikus. it was kinda unexpected, my instructor suddenly asking me when do i want to stop teaching; i replied "as soon as possible" and she sed i can stop at the end of the month - and wat do u noe, today IS the last class of the month! so from next week on i wun hv 2 stay back after sch, eat the lousy canteen food then change into my tkd uniform n head for cpt...

concerning the teaching (or assisting, if u will)...its not relly dat bad...tho i definitely prefer being taught than teaching others...esp since it gets really frustrating when u go thru a new technique or pattern dozens of times wif d white belts n they STILL dun get it...also one of the things i discovered at cpt is dat most girls (sorry, being brutally honest here) lack basic...uh, coordination of body movement; for example balancing during kicks - u hv 2 teach them to lean back to counterbalance the weight of their legs (being a bit technical here) etc...else they will do weird things like trying to 'float' so that their legs (plus their whole body) will go kiddin! and then there's the problem of power...few of them show enuf force in their techniques to mean business. frankly, of the 20-something girls at the cpt class, less than a third of them actually look like they're doing taekwondo. n my 3 months there did little to change anything. sigh. tho mebbe i shudnt b too bothered cuz neither did my instructor accomplish much so far :P

anyway i'm kinda glad its over cuz wat wif intensive trainings on sundays leaving me sore for half the week, maths n physics trainings for competitions (not hoping too much la...juz going there for the heck of it) n my poor results last exam clamouring for a change in my study routine....even those 2 hrs a week at cpt r beginning to seem an awful burden on my time...perhaps its more psychological than in the thought of HAVING to spend that time there even if i hv something else on...but on the other hand it was an interesting experience (n u juz get to LOVE standing in front of the class instead of lining up wif the students :P)

certain chi-ko-peks (one of them is a 'physiognomist', watever that is) were getting all sorts of ideas when they heard that i'm teaching at cpt...but seriously going there 2 meet girls was the last thing on my mind...serious! in fact apart from their president and an annoying yellow-belt who also goes to sunday class, i hardly (make it never) talked to any of them b4 except for when teaching la...dat juz goes to show how low the standard of cpt has become nowadays (haha kiddin)

oh yes..another thing....i'm regretting not trying out the piano in the cpt hall while i had the chance :P

teaching thoughts aside, i'm happy to announce that i've finally made the switch to firefox! for those dumbells who dunno, firefox is a gr8 (read: GREAT) alternative internet browser to internet explorer...its faster, cleaner (free from those junk add-ons n programs that eats up memory n slows down the browser) n has lots of useful features such as tabbed browsing! btw the reason i switched is actually due some problems with adware which led to me disabling internet explorer...i'm glad it happened like sam i've decided to support the firefox movement by adding a button link to firefox on my sidebar :) so get firefox now!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

of Sore Muscles and Wasted Time

note: this is a "second edition" entry becuz my 1st post got eaten up by a 'server internal error'

Sore Muscles legs had been aching continuously since the "Hardcore Intensive" training last last week (read here)...why? cuz after my thighs had hurt for one whole week (yep, the muscle soreness lasted till friday) i got another helping of Muscle Soreness Special at the cross country run on sat (plus free gift: Cough-It Plus!) - this time mainly in the calves. in a way this is even worse than the thighs lah cuz it makes *normal* walking painful whereas last week i only had difficulty moving down stairs...good job tst you just passed another milestone on your personal Road To Perdition!

Wasted Time
total study time on Sat: 0 hrs
morning - cross country run, going on9, napping
afternoon - physics, being stuck in usm
evening - going on9, napping
night - going on9, watching star wars episode 1

total study time on Sun: 1 hrs
morning - going on9, napping n lazing around
afternoon - study (3.00pm-4.00pm), napping
evening - went to psc
night - playing piano, going on9

total study time on Mon: 2 hrs
morning - sch
afternoon - went to post office, on9 till 5pm
evening - napping
night - playing piano n going on9, study (10-12), on9 again..!

man i am so dead

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Raptor Ravenlord's A Series Of Unfortunate Events wars episode 1 is i can get down to recording the (refer to title) today/yesterday... start it all off, i overslept this morning n was almost late for the cross country run...we were *supposed* to be at youth park by 7.00am but i woke at 7.20! luckily the sch as usual was slow doing their own stuff so by the time i reached there (20 minutes after waking - record time u noe!) the registration had juz started...pity those who arrived early lah...n pity me for being late cuz i had no time to complete my 'morning ritual' b4 the race started...! :P

anyway at 8.00am the flag-off was given...we started the 7-kilometre run...n dunno whether it was becuz i wasnt warmed up enuf or not yet fully awake or something...but i fared rather badly in this first i managed to maintain a place of about 9th or 10th, about 1/3 through i stopped for the first time and from then on it was a downhill slide for my placing...n had to stop several more times to catch my breath....all in all, it felt like the hardest i've ran in all 3 cross country runs i've participated during my high school years (f1, f5 n upper 6). towards the end of the run i was gasping like a drowning fish, n to add insult to injury kean leong cut across me during the last 5 paces and beat me by half a second! so my final placing was 18th, same as in f5; tho i tot i wud hv done better this year after all the physical training received at taekwondo top it all off i ended up with a cough AGAIN...yong shen sed i sounded like i was dying or something hehe...n he wasnt too far from the truth

next (minor) event: after the race, i went to the market opposite heng ee high sch to 'tar pow' my favourite hokkien mee (btw has anyone heard about my 'tar pow' story? if not can ask me :P)...cud hv eaten earlier n shud hv too....cuz when i reached there around 11am it was sold out i bought 'lam mee' instead n honestly it din taste too good despite my gnawing hunger...i suppose i had developed a craving for hokkien mee while waiting for the prize presentation ceremony at youth park...

anyway the main event of the day has yet to come....for after reaching home, having breakfast etc, i took a nap n woke up late AGAIN...n had to eat lunch b4 i left for physics training at when i set out it was around 1.45 n in my hurry i forgot to bring my hp. on the way there it drizzled a bit n i saw a car in front switch on its headlamps so i followed suit...problem was, when i reached usm i forgot to turn off the lights! n i did hear the warning tone when i stepped out of my car but my mind disregarded it cuz i tot i was late for physics. manatau all my haste had been for nothing cuz when i got there most of d ppl hadnt arrived yet, it was hot as hell cuz the air-conditioning had juz been turned on, n d lecturer had went out to makan..!

on a positive note, the class itself went quite well...but in accordance with the title of this entry, i wun go into detail about that....anyway after class, we went to our respective cars in the nearby carpark...i turned the key...and...nothing happened! the battery was dead...there wasnt even enuf power left to display the digital clock on the dashboard...later, see tatt discovered the cause: my headlights had been left on the whole of the 3+ hrs we were there! n becuz my car is auto we cudnt start it by pushing; the steering wheel was locked in place. at first quite a crowd gathered around my car (although to help or to jeer i dunno...haha kiddin lah..) then as it became clear that there wasnt anything anyone cud do, most of them left the scene...luckily, see tatt, yong shen n tze liang stayed wif me...then despite all my attempts to call home, no one picked up the fon (did i mention i had to borrow my fren's hp cuz i forgot to bring mine?)

in the end, i foned my dad at his office n he called a garage n they sent someone over to replace the battery...all in all, i wasted 1.5 hrs n a freaking 130 bucks (for the replacement battery)! by the time i reached home, it was too late for me to go out wif rentai, mona n tansri as planned. the chinese proverb goes, 祸不单行... look at the bright side of things, i received two important lessons today - firstly, being habitually late will catch up with you sooner or later; secondly, don't switch on the headlights during the day without a good reason, and always heed the warning tone! at least this "Series of Unfortunate Incidents" had left me a little wiser...

in a way, it also made me realise (warning: corny part ahead) the value of in...i'm real grateful to all my frens who showed their concern n tried to help...i think i wud hv died of panic if i had been stuck in deserted usm alone without a hp n no public fon or anything nearby! in particular i wish to thank see tatt, yong shen n tze liang for staying the longest wif me...n see tatt n tze liang for lending me ur hps :) rest assured that ravenlord will not forget your assistance in his time of need!

further reference: -
samuel's blog:

addendum at 2.34am: I CANT BELIEVE IT! juz after posting this entry i went downstairs for a shower and TRIPPED on the staircase! grazed my ankle on the step! SHIT!!!
hopefully, this concludes my series of unfortunate events for today...!

Friday, March 25, 2005


I highly recommend reading kryptos5's "Jottings of a Teenager"...his posts r real literary works! (unlike *someone* who writes 'deep' english that turn out to be nonsense 99% of the time :P)

thanx kryptos for making the '-ST' family proud! ;)


Havent updated for a while...basically nothing interesting has happened since sch reopened....everyday its the same cycle of time-wasting, sleeping, eating n pretending to study while my mind is actually blank or fighting aliens in a spaceship lightyears away...hehe

anyway i've been meaning to post when my leg muscles stop a sort of 'experimental result' to see how long it will take...but apparently 4 days are not enuf for them to recover....these few days walking up n down the stairs of the form 6 block has been a major pain..literally...hopefully the soreness will have subsided by saturday cuz its the crosscountry run n i wan 2 get a medal for my last year at clhs....after all the intensive training at taekwondo it shudnt b too much of a problem...(not trying to sound arrogant or anything lah...but ppl in high sch juz dun get 'tortured' the way we do at tkd...

one interesting change concerning the crosscountry run is that the sports office now provides us with the pieces of cloth with our serial numbers on previous years we hv 2 draw our own numbers on pieces of paper n put them in plastic bags n pin to our now its more uniform lah in a way..n more convenient...but as one classmate put it, we cant hv ppl running relays for us :P

speaking of taekwondo, ms looi (my instructor) called on wednesday n sed there will be ANOTHER competition on 9th of april...some sports/aerobics thingy...n told me to go youth park on that same day to watch a demo...i sed fact i'm starting to get put off by the number of events n competitions in tkd...n all the associated training...i'm worried its seriously affecting my studies lah cuz i get relly tired on sundays n cant study for the rest of the day..n the next day often will get a relly annoying cough which xinch attributes to an allergy but i think might be just caused by over-exertion...anyway combined with the muscle soreness that invariably follows for the next few days, i think its taking away more than a few hours of study time..which i relly cant afford seeing as how badly i did in the last sch test..

the prefects day will be held on 16/4, same day as the kl tournament....i'm considering not goin to kl tourney d cuz probably wun win anything there anyway..its a national competition after i can always try next year while this is the last year for me to participate in the prefects' day...

haih...seems like i do hv a lot to write about after all dun i...anyone with any advice pls comment or juz tell me on9....signing off to study now

Monday, March 21, 2005

testing BlogThis! function

Raptor's Untitled Blog

testing BlogThis! function

random thoughts:
1. cough is back again...apparently eating b4 tkd class doesnt help
2. my iq has gone down by 10 points since xinch hit me in d head yesterday
3. used 2 hrs juz to add d marks from one class for my mom

added hit counters! currently got StatCounter n Site Meter ones...their code a bit different so i'm guessing they'll give different no. of like my tagboards i'll remove one of them after a month or so

Sunday, March 20, 2005

'Hardcore Intensive'

when i started taekwondo 1 1/3 years back, i tot it was hard

when i went to mbs for the extra class there, i tot it was challenging

when i started training for RMA last year, i tot it was tough

boy...wat were they compared to today

today had a dose of my instructor's 'Hardcore Intensive Tournament Training Special'...5-6pm...dats on top of d regular classes from 2-5pm (thankfully i do not have to go at 1.30pm anymore..whether thats an improvement is a topic that is SERIOUSLY open for debate)

from d first thing we did, i knew it was bad news

my instructor made us put on some kind of conditioning oil...only its shud b called 'fire oil' or something...the reason being that it goes from being deceptively cool to d touch upon application, to becoming a stinging, burning F*CKING painful stuff dat clings to ur tot i had a high pain tolerance but it almost brought tears to my eyes...esp since my instructor put it on my NECK oso...(now y d heck wud we wan 2 condition THERE??)

then it was 10 rounds around the field...d field behind kompleks masyarakat penyayang that is...n dats almost as big as a soccer field d...after which we did kicking drills, sit-ups, push-ups n d latest in my instructor's Pain-Repertoire....tree kicking! of cuz, she told us to juz touch it nia...d idea is to train speed n control....but hey..when ur legs r so tired u can hardly r u supposed 2 control ur legs...

this was followed by an attempt to get us to kick d leaves drooping from branches overhead...but we were 101% it was 5 more rounds around d field then thankfully, d session came to an d moment i'm not feeling any muscle aches prob becuz of d oil...but tomolo there'll b hell to pay. thank god this week there wasnt any week when the black belts come in its gonna b even worse (did i mention only 3 of us attended this training today? we all blue-tips only summore....dang those cowardly blackbelts...hehe)

*blog ends*

juz a little add-on for yesterday

yesterday morning had olympiad maths training at sch....arrived juz 5 minutes after 8.30 but d class started already (d professor is i guess...anyone noes a better word?) so for d next 2 hrs our brainpower was pushed 2 d limits juz trying 2 understand wat d professor was teaching...but olympiad maths kinda interesting lah...nothing like wat we learn in sch...u practically dunnit a calculator cuz everything's conceptual...a lot of logical thinking...pity we cant hv dat in sch for uh..political reasons...

after maths n breakfast went 2 prangin wif my mom n sis...i was looking for a 'Awas - Pemandu Cacat' sticker for my car but cudnt find any shop selling it....n bought wei liang's b'day present too....tho how m i gonna wrap it is a a bottle of 100plus too..that will last me...approximately...1 week...

went home....slept...then my mom fried d chicken we bought earlier n i left for caryn's hse...(continues in entry titled 'Surprise' Farewell for Caryn)

'Surprise' Farewell for Caryn

today was supposd 2 b a surprise party for caryn cuz she's moving to kl next in permanently..cuz her hse gonna b sold after dat so she wun b coming back so often d (i THINK)

but i guess SOME ppl cudnt keep their mouth shut or something..anyway apparently caryn knew bout d 'surprise' d so when i arrived wif lydia n xinch at 7.15 she din bat an eyelid pun....or mebbe d others who arrived earlier spoilt d surprise lah...(glares at ariel n her 2 'kaki')...

anyway there were a total of...lets, ghee (he arrived late n left me alone wif all d girls..yucks!), lydia, xinch, ariel, her 2 'kaki', amoi (d fella who got this 'great' idea of a surprise party in d first place); n another gal..seow ying (a new face; apparently is chenn yih's godsister) n of cuz, d Girl Of The Hour, caryn...basically everyone brought some food lah...kinda like a potluck party...but we cudnt finish most of it...esp since 2 ppl brought beehoon so it was almost least my mom's fried chicken laku sikit...

then went 2 gurney...was gonna watch Hitch but decided against it cuz there were too few tickets went 2 d arcade instead...had a great time playing photohunt, d racing game (sucky man..i dropped from 1st to 5th in d last 20 seconds), n d dance machine! god knows how long it was since i experienced the thrill of jumping around on 4 directional pads to d frantic beat of music while trying to avoid tripping over my own feet; anyway beat xinch soundly in both games i played against her...(in one round i scored something like 100k points while she score.....380!) but for some reason lost to lydia....mebbe cuz my pad got problem lah :P

at 11.10 we had 2 go home cuz xinch had a curfew of 11.15...halfway back i rememberd dat i left my icebox at caryn's hse...but d road 2 her hse jammed so decided not to go there again we went home d...

ok..for d 1st time i dunno how 2 end this be continued)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yesterday by Paul McCartney

ok...this is basically a recap of yesterday's events....(hopefully i can remember everything uh, significant dat happened yesterday)

well...yesterday woke up at 10...untypical of me (since my parents usually made me wake at 9)...had breakfast...then tried to do some of those insanely hard olympiad maths problems....had lunch....then went to d early (2.30pm) bio tuition class....came home, installed the juz-downloaded 'xtreme arena' n 'matrix' mods for quake 3 arena n wasted my afternoon blasting away....had a nap at 6 something...then woke up juz in time for dinner!

basically wasted d whole day away lah

last nite was on9 quite a bit...but din post any entries..why? cuz i was dissecting d template code for this blog...trying 2 mess things round abit (so sorry if u find d font a bit 2 small lah....) go check out d tag-board..made some..uh refinements to it...

then slept around 3. dun ask me wat i did b4 dat..i honestly forgot d...

must make it a point to blog about each day at d end of d day!

raptor out

Friday, March 18, 2005

continuation of today/yesterday's events log continue where i left off...

at 6.10pm (or thereabouts) lydia FINALLY called...or rather, i went n fetched her n then we went to gurney...

at gurney...went to d food court to meet sue of my ex co-workers from pass her some photos from choh khai; then went outside, met tansri n sam; went to starbucks where we used my dad's coupons to get 4 drinks for d price of 2! i got a rhumba which i think is d best of all...its basically ice blended coffee wif bits of chocolate inside...lydia got a caramel thingy...kinda too sweet; sam got a mocha..oso not bad; n poor ol' tansri picked a bitter tasting expresso (lucky he's 30 years old...i mean, old ppl like bitter coffee rite? :P)

after finishing our drinks (which took around half n hr)...we had dinner at mcdonald's then went to d cinema where ghee d wacko finally showed up...entered cinema at 7.45pm chun chun; robots was damn funny esp d britney spears act during d final battle :D

after d movie...went to bumcity...lydia wanted 2 get some thingamajigs including shoelaces of all things...*rolls eyes* while i wanted 2 get wei liang something for his b'day but cudnt find anything suitable...aih how do u get someone something when u'r not sure whether u'r shopping for a guy or a gal...hahaha kiddin lah

then left gurney around 9.45 for star ktv at one-stop...reached there around 10 n went straight in....wei liang was there along wif kok khang, yao jun n chong kuan...wei liang was top form tonite...picked all d female singers' songs n belted them out along wif all d 'body language'...n as usual i picked my jay chou songs lo...unfortunately most of d time i cudnt hear myself singing as *someone* drowned us all out wif a horrendously off-key voice...

around 11.45 i had 2 leave...reached home a few minutes past midnight; exercised a little (yeah, i'm actually sticking to my daily stretching programme...*mebbe* i wud b able 2 kick as well as dan in a few more months.. :P) then came up here n learnt how 2 put tagboards on my blog

HEY GUYS I HAVE TAGBOARDS NOW!!! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! for d mentally challenged dummies, they're rite at d bottom of d sidebar on d right; for d moment i've put in from n another from chatterbox; but i guess i dun relly need both so i'll remove d less useful one in d future...neway pls feel free 2 drop in comments n suggestions there...or juz say 'hi' or sumting 2 let me noe my efforts werent wasted...

then had bath around 1.45....came up here n typed until this is gonna b one long post n i pray to god or watever force controls my destiny dat blogger wun die on my while i'm posting this...

k lah dats it for now folks....signing off as of 2.10AM

Thursday, March 17, 2005

to pass the time...

its 5.55pm n i'm waiting for lydia to get home from inti, shower n change - so dat i can then become her chauffeur n drive her to gurney. what kind of life is this? wat did i do in my past life to deserve a neighbour like this? ARRRGGGHHH

anyway might as well spend this time blogging...juz to get used to d 'feel' of it...lets start wif a brief summary of today's happenings...

9.45am - woke, showered, had breakfast, then tinkered around wif d piano for a while
10.30am - went online (mom went out hehe)
11.30am - signed up for blogger n created my very first entry at 11.35am! (see above/below)
12.00pm - did a teensy weeny bit of studying...actually was looking thru some physics exercises on S.H.M. i did last year...
1.30pm - lunch
2.00pm - went on9 n blogging; experimented with changing the template; tried to download a few q3a, fileplanet sux
2.45pm - helped my mom add up d marks for her sch exam papers
4.00pm - nap
5.00pm - finished adding up d marks for my mom...then went on9
5.45pm - showered n changed...then on9 till now :(

dats all for now...haih...stupid lydia...better call me faster or i'll leave without her! i swear!


btw guys...pls gimme ur blog links by posting them in comments...n give some suggestions wat to write!

Moment of Creation

"Let there be Light," said God, and there was Light.

"Let there be Darkness," said Ravenlord, and there was Darkness...


finally decided to create a blog; or start blogging, having signed up at numerous blogging sites n online diaries in d past but never got down to writing anything...

anyway this is juz a test run so dun expect 2 c anything meaningful here for d time being k ppl?

immediate plans for this blog:
- write a holiday journal for this one-week-why-is-it-so-damned-short-no-fun-at-all-had-a-bad-cough-holidays

Raptor Ravenlord