Sunday, March 20, 2005

'Hardcore Intensive'

when i started taekwondo 1 1/3 years back, i tot it was hard

when i went to mbs for the extra class there, i tot it was challenging

when i started training for RMA last year, i tot it was tough

boy...wat were they compared to today

today had a dose of my instructor's 'Hardcore Intensive Tournament Training Special'...5-6pm...dats on top of d regular classes from 2-5pm (thankfully i do not have to go at 1.30pm anymore..whether thats an improvement is a topic that is SERIOUSLY open for debate)

from d first thing we did, i knew it was bad news

my instructor made us put on some kind of conditioning oil...only its shud b called 'fire oil' or something...the reason being that it goes from being deceptively cool to d touch upon application, to becoming a stinging, burning F*CKING painful stuff dat clings to ur tot i had a high pain tolerance but it almost brought tears to my eyes...esp since my instructor put it on my NECK oso...(now y d heck wud we wan 2 condition THERE??)

then it was 10 rounds around the field...d field behind kompleks masyarakat penyayang that is...n dats almost as big as a soccer field d...after which we did kicking drills, sit-ups, push-ups n d latest in my instructor's Pain-Repertoire....tree kicking! of cuz, she told us to juz touch it nia...d idea is to train speed n control....but hey..when ur legs r so tired u can hardly r u supposed 2 control ur legs...

this was followed by an attempt to get us to kick d leaves drooping from branches overhead...but we were 101% it was 5 more rounds around d field then thankfully, d session came to an d moment i'm not feeling any muscle aches prob becuz of d oil...but tomolo there'll b hell to pay. thank god this week there wasnt any week when the black belts come in its gonna b even worse (did i mention only 3 of us attended this training today? we all blue-tips only summore....dang those cowardly blackbelts...hehe)

*blog ends*


Tan Sri said...

hoo boy :P
am i glad i din join u guys last year :P

Lin Whatever! said...
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samuel_lhc said...

hey, who ate his/her own words? LOL

raptor_ravenlord said...

ee lin did...but i noe wat she sed cuz a copy of it was sent to my email d :P

CuKai=TAX said...

wow a person like u oso can feel wat is real PAIN!?
well, dats life my boy n it sure does help to make ur skin thicker :P
i'm trying to imagine how ur funny expressions were when u were feeling those 'sensations', rite now... :D
P/S: my 2-week holidays starts from today!!!

kryptos said...
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