Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yesterday by Paul McCartney

ok...this is basically a recap of yesterday's events....(hopefully i can remember everything uh, significant dat happened yesterday)

well...yesterday woke up at 10...untypical of me (since my parents usually made me wake at 9)...had breakfast...then tried to do some of those insanely hard olympiad maths problems....had lunch....then went to d early (2.30pm) bio tuition class....came home, installed the juz-downloaded 'xtreme arena' n 'matrix' mods for quake 3 arena n wasted my afternoon blasting away....had a nap at 6 something...then woke up juz in time for dinner!

basically wasted d whole day away lah

last nite was on9 quite a bit...but din post any entries..why? cuz i was dissecting d template code for this blog...trying 2 mess things round abit (so sorry if u find d font a bit 2 small lah....) go check out d tag-board..made some..uh refinements to it...

then slept around 3. dun ask me wat i did b4 dat..i honestly forgot d...

must make it a point to blog about each day at d end of d day!

raptor out

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