Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spell: Resurrection

2000 mana and 40000 gold later.......i managed to get my hero - no, blog - resurrected at last!

rejoice ye ppl, ravenlord's back to pwn, uh, blog! now, onwards to the world tree!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

shao thing hates kids

damned kids!

last night i went to a party n took two shots of vodka with sprite.....turns out dat was enuf to temporarily mess up my system, even tho i managed to cycle home in one piece. reached home at 1.30, by the time i fell asleep it was over 3.30am......duno how time juz flies when u'r sleepy n yet not willing to sleep -.-

note to self: if tired, dun go browsing wikipedia for useless information such as the differences between a machinegun n a minigun. juz SLEEP! uni is no place to wake up tired n sleepy.

n this morning, the kids frm neighbouring houses HAD to come out n play n scream n such!!! darn it, kids r d same d world over, whether msia or japan. i JUZ DETEST KIDS.

so i was woken up at 10, one hr before my designated wake-up time (by careful analysis of past experiences, ive determined dat the optimal sleep-duration is 7 1/2 hrs). by the time i managed to fall asleep again (after shutting the window n cutting off my supply of fresh air) it was 10.30. consequently i woke at 11.30, n wif enough of the so-called 'sleep inertia' dat i totally cant remember anything i was thinking juz a while ago. fark.

(INFO-SCIENCE: when a person's normal sleep pattern is interrupted and he is made to wake, a phenomenon known as sleep inertia manifests in which a person may be physically wide awake n alert, hence being unable to go back to sleep, but his mind is in a total state of unreadiness and he has difficulty focusing, recalling or utilizing short-term memory, among other temporary mental disorders)

all becuz of the kids! n probably in part to the alcohol i consumed last night, however.

on a side note, the management at osaka university of international studies shud really fix that stupid old clavinova in their lounge. the pedals WONT WORK!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

music? martial arts?

something occurred to me today.

in learning to play a musical instrument, for example piano, there are two ways to go about it. the first is to learn it the 'classical' way, as i hv done - learn everything from the ground up, spending years building a solid 'foundation' while slowly improving one's skills. thats the traditional way of learning.

the other way is to learn the 'popular music' way. in a much shorter amount of time, one learns only the essentials needed to listen to or read popular music n play it on the keyboard. by focusing on the 'useful' things, in this case the ability to play music that is pleasing to the ears, n omitting everything else that r not directly required for playing popular music, such as musical theory n overly technical finger exercises, one dramatically shortens the time it takes to 'achieve' a certain level of piano-playing skill.

in my case, i learned to play the piano the 'classical way'. no complaints about it....while i cant exactly label myself a 'pro', im at least able to play moderately difficult pieces quite satisfactorily, n hv even tried my hand at some difficult pieces with some level of success. but i noe of ppl who, despite never formally learned piano the classical way, r able to play popular music quite impressively. thus proving that we do not necessarily

so why did i suddenly bring up this topic? actually, this post is not about music at all. its about martial arts.

ive started learning martial arts at too old an age. as such, i'll never be able to hv 'martial arts flowing thru my limbs' the same way piano works for matter how i train from now on, martial arts will never be a 'part' of me the same way music is. not to mention time and energy contraints that increase as a person grows older and finds himself loaded with more and more academic responsibilities, inevitably followed by even greater work responsibilities. which makes achieving a high level of martial arts proficiency thru the 'classical way' impossible.

however, as in the world of music, there r faster ways to learn martial arts. one can take only the bare 'essentials' of combat n focus on those. basic, efficient n effective techniques, physical fitness. these r obtainable in a shorter period of time than the complicated, 'deep' philosophies of traditional martial arts. n while it can be argued that the deep foundations laid down by years of repetitive practice of traditional arts can give an edge in certain ways, learning systematically saves time n allows late-starters to catch up to a limited extent i guess....

so, onwards to glory!!

disclaimer: please do not read if you are allergic to nonsense.