Friday, August 18, 2006

still alive

had lots of fun these past 2 weeks, but unfortunately computer access was limited for certain reasons which i will not go into detail about now....n going to homestay tonite! so, bye for another 10 days or so!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

postponed again

i swear i was going to post sumting today, mebbe about the crazy n wacky english summer camp i juz came back from (actually, i came back last thursday but...oh nevermind...) but then this guy frm peru wanted me 2 show him how 2 play dota n of course i cant give up the chance to corrupt another soul, can i?

so i'm gonna post tml! n guys, make sure u comment this time or i'll go on permanent blog strike. hehehe....

juz an interesting tidbit of info: most of u noe the song Dragonstea Din Tei rite? the 'mai ya heeee, mai ya haaaaa, mai ya hoooo, mai ya ahh ahh...' song....well, it turned out dat one of the other 'captains' (dats wat we 'paid participants at the camp were called) is the fren of the song's artiste. cool eh.

anyway ciao, gona play dota