Monday, June 26, 2006


-The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
-Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
-Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
-If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
-Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!! ^^

gender: female AND younger than/same age as me (sorry ghee n rentai...)

1. hv a voice like jin sha (kym)
2. cute! but not in'affected' sort of way (read: natural)
3. has a REAL hobby/interest as opposed to 'hanging out, chatting wif frens, etc...'
4. someone that i can trust, can share secrets with him/her (<- taken from caryn's)...AND....b patient enuf 2 listen to my whining cuz i get relly tongue-tied n incoherrent when trying to express certain stuff, like wat i'm doing here actually, and u noe, u'r wasting ur time reading this so y not move on to the next point...
5. must b rich?? neh!! BUT, must not b AFTER my money hehe (which i dun hv much of, anyway...)
6. likes music
7. likes, or at least tries to understand, 'guy' entertainment eg martial arts, cursing each other, n dota (does not include porn tho :P)
8. makes me proud? (sounds egoistic rite)

ok now for my victims......

1. lydia (i noe u'r reading this!)
2. dan
3. ghee
4. theam (this gonna b interesting)
5. sam (this too! ;P)
6. xinch
7. one....
8. rentai (hmm....hope its not too...shocking...)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

at last...some pictures

at long last, the ravenlord has gotten down to posting up some pictures. so below is a careful selection of pics taken during the past mt fuji hike (well, its the only interesting thing worth taking pictures of anyway). note: since my camera's battery died years ago, all these were taken by my frens. so dun complain if the quality's bad or anything.

btw, dun stop commenting on the last post cuz i wanna break dan's record for no. of comments per post! :P

ok 1stly this is mt fuji, end of story. actually, if u zoom in, u can see a few dots that r me n sum other students. makes the whole scene, well, grander. kua...

there r platforms like this built all over the face of the mountain (at least, the lower part, where we hiked along...). supposedly for stopping landslides but oso gives a great view. n of course there r the suicidals....this IS japan after all....

group foto wif sum ppl....represented here r the nationalities of indonesia, phillipines, brunei, macau, south korea, laos, columbia n lithuania. im not gona mention names here cuz its pointless n u noe it. or mebbe u dun. anyway...

another group foto. this time theres a guy from cambodia (left-most) n a gal from sri lanka (the half hidden one). n the ravenlord was trying to do sumting funny wif his own hp camera but it din turn out well...n that crazy guy who looks like he's gonna rape the gals in front is Bo (full name, Tansri kiddin!) from indonesia.

heres the rapist Bo-san again. a bit further back is our favourite ravenlord. this is a dried up riverbed btw....or mebbe lava used to flow here. i duno...

the guy in black jacket is oso from indonesia. the guy in the middle is doing sumtin interesting wif his favourite finger...(btw isnt it cool...the riverbed juz stretches up all the way to the top of the far as we can see....)

this is Bo, the ravenlord, n the guy from cambodia whose name is Vitou. n if he tries to look any cooler i'm gonna push him off.

ah, my favourite (2nd favourite actually) pose! the human koala!

i call Waiting In Ambush....

2 years of taekwondo doesnt go to waste, even in japan where its all karate....

group foto of ALL the students..taken at the 'summit'...which was not relly it, but the highest we got to b4 turning tail. guys, comment on the gals n tell us if we're lucky. :P

- edit: notice the rock in my hand. was gonna club sum1 at random over the head, but dun get to do it :(

candid shot (of dunno wat, by dunno who). i picked this to post up cuz it shows a gal rubbing her soles, a guy playing wif himself n another guy taking off his pants. all unwittingly captured in one masterpiece. the foot of the mountain, near the entrance of the ice caves (where there is real natural ice). another group foto. move along, nothing interesting. guys, dun forget to comment tho.

well, i guess that conludes today's photo presentation. nite all!
(ps. these pics r not taken in the order posted. duno y i botherd 2 mention this but well...)

btw im thinking of introducing a few japanese words wif each of my post in the future, so u guys can belajar sambil membaca/melihat. it'll give me a bit more to blog about besides the miserable few intersting things happening lately too. anyone in favour of it, raise ur hands.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

no time 2 blog

library is closing...juz wanna do my duty 4 d week so here it is :P

nothing much's been happening lately...except dat the maths classes r deadly dull....n last sunday i went to an interview for a summer camp job...n iv been attending 2 karate classes a week so dan better cover his ass when i get back end of the year. oh, n i went 2 university of tokyo last last sunday (did i already blog about dat??) but it was dull.

anyway, cya guys!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Raptor's Untitled Blog

man...mount fuji was subarashi (= great, wonderful).....unfortunately dun hv time 2 blog bout it now cuz the library's closing early tonite 4 sum reason....

also our rooms got fogged today while we were kill cockroaches, u see.....

my list of dota acquaintances here grew longer again 2 noe dat 2 more of my coursemates r players....i think there's already enuf for a 4v4 at least...if all of us hv computers...

neway, back tml!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

what ive been up to

been quite a while since my last post eh? but i always say that. blogs r like girls, burdensome yet indispensable. haha, juz kiddin....

anyway, the 1st exam came n went last week....there was only 1 subject (japanese language) tho, n i got 98.5% for fact i din actually study apart from a bit of last minute not a genius tho, its juz dat knowing chinese helps tremendously wif learning japanese...esp since the teaching speed isnt very fast anyway....

to take sum of the free time off my hands, i joined the sch karate club n a classical guitar class....the karate club is juz as its name suggests, a club....there's usually no instructor so the senpai (seniors) teach newbies like me...n man its hard 2 adapt 2 karate after two years in taekwondo...hv 2 relearn the stances, movement n everything from ground up.....

lately my ability to write chinese characters hv degraded to a horrifying extent....some of the words ive forgotten r so simple dat it seems impossible i cud hv forgotten them...haih, i suppose dat comes of not writing them for the past 2+ years....luckily i can still recognise the words so i hv an edge in learning japanese kanji.....

speaking of memories, lately iv been having 'lapses' into the past, especially when im in class. sumtimes i'd settle down into my seat n sort of think dat im back in my old classroom back home, then i'd juz look up from my book n wonder how in the world m i in a country thousands of miles away, in the same class as ppl from all over the world. theres sum sort of 'shock' involved, u noe. but dun worry, its not homesickness, more of 'surprise' or sumting nia....

last but not least, visited fuchu city planatarium the sunday b4 last, n university of tokyo last sunday. visit yst's blog for details..hehe...

ah well, did my duty to the blog...will b going on a trip 2 mt fuji tml....hope its gonna b fun!

ja mata guys!