Monday, January 29, 2007

the End

well, i suppose u all saw it coming. i was toying with the idea for a long time but juz cudnt put my foot down n do it. anyway, its over. this blog i mean.

there had been good times, i suppose, but the maintaining of a blog juz weighs a little too much on my mind. i mean, everytime i encounter something blog-worthy, i feel obliged to blog about it, but other things get in the way (blame it on my laziness if u will...), n i almost always end up blogging about last month's events, or even further back.

this has been going on too long n reading my last few entries, i realise this can hardly be called a blog anymore. its no longer serving its purpose of informing anyone who might be interest about wats happening here in my life, n instead has 'forced obligation' n 'false resposibility' practically printed between the dreary, monotonous, vague lines.

i had been considering starting over, but if i do so, it wun be wif this address anymore i guess. mebbe i'll do as dan does...2 blogs, one for photos n coverage of events, n another to write my rubbish on. we'll see...

anyhow, its been a while! looking at the early pages i find memories of who i was a few years back, n man hv i changed! for the better i hope. THAT is wat a blog is for...THAT is why i created this blog in the 1st place. n thats what its ceased to be. before it rots anymore with pages filled wif meaningless narrations, i should say sayonara.


p.s. oh nevermind, theres too many things to add should i i'd rather not

p.s.s. juz cant resist doing this, last homage to my old posts