Tuesday, October 24, 2006

good news everybody!

well, not really. juz for those noisy buggers out there who had been verbally pummelling me into blogging, especially in the photo-posting department. i juz uploaded a slew of pics frm no less than 5 events (all during or slightly before/after summer holidays) onto my multiply site. btw, the url is http://shaothing.multiply.com

now b4 those buggers start complaining dat i havent labelled d pics, havent arranged them according to date, blahblahblah, let me remind u dat i m operating on severely limited library hours during which, n ONLY during which, i can do any sort of computer-related stuff. so shaddap. ;P

juz off the top of my mind, lately ive been playing tekken. specifically tekken tag tournament n tekken 5.

ah, n i juz ordered a laptop today. AND PAID FOR IT....which means no more changing my mind. i'll provide more detailed information on it when it arrives (sadly, in 2 weeks' time minimum). n theres the rather amusing story of my search for 'the perfect laptop' which preluded this purchase :P

anyway, gotta go now, library closing liao. btw theam, teach me how to overclock a GeForce 7900GS....

Saturday, October 21, 2006


does anyone noe dat jay chou has a new album titled 'still fantasy'? actually i knew bout d album sum weeks back but juz managed 2 find time 2 download it. also managed 2 find time 2 post a blog entry, as u can see...

anyway, i've decided to open a multiply account n use it for posting up pictures. makes things much more convenient than posting them here....the sheer horror of having to sort thru my photos, then uploading them one by one is the reason y my blog has been empty for so long.....so from now on i'll juz use this page to talk crap n mebbe write the occasional poem like dan is doing :P

the last time i posted an actual entry was probably around the beginning of august, ie summer holidays. reason was dat during summer hols the library was closed most of d time so i din hv d opportunity to blog about my summer exploits. after dat sch restarted but for the whole of sept d library was open until 5pm only. hence, my blog being empty for the past month too. then this month there was exams. so basically i m well justified in being away for so long.

anyway, there was a school trip to matsumoto castle around the end of last month (or did i blog about it already?) basically juz a 2 day 1 night affair, but loads of fun esp since it meant 2 days of sch holidays :P im sure yst blogged about it (n oso about the videos taken there) so y dun u head over to his blog for a more colourful account of the trip :P

well, nothing much else 2 talk about for the moment....summer's over, winter's coming so its now cool n nice most of the time, tho i cud do wif a few more hrs of sunshine (it gets dark at 5pm now). i'll b er...'trying' to work harder at my studies for the next 1 n a half months in preparation for the big year end exam...so dun expect too many posts from me. when i hv more time i'll put up pics at my multiply site tho (its currently empty so i wun link to it yet).

haih, for some reason blogging is starting 2 b a real PIA. n yet it somehow feels like something of a duty or responsibility so i cant stay away from my blog without feeling guilty....

anyway, later guys

Saturday, October 07, 2006


ok guys, i SWEAR i was gona post up something today...but i juz got back from an outing wif my japanese host mother.....n now i hv 2 settle some bank stuff 4 my dad...so u'll hv 2 wait!....I AM NOT GIVING UP ON THIS BLOG!!!