Tuesday, October 24, 2006

good news everybody!

well, not really. juz for those noisy buggers out there who had been verbally pummelling me into blogging, especially in the photo-posting department. i juz uploaded a slew of pics frm no less than 5 events (all during or slightly before/after summer holidays) onto my multiply site. btw, the url is http://shaothing.multiply.com

now b4 those buggers start complaining dat i havent labelled d pics, havent arranged them according to date, blahblahblah, let me remind u dat i m operating on severely limited library hours during which, n ONLY during which, i can do any sort of computer-related stuff. so shaddap. ;P

juz off the top of my mind, lately ive been playing tekken. specifically tekken tag tournament n tekken 5.

ah, n i juz ordered a laptop today. AND PAID FOR IT....which means no more changing my mind. i'll provide more detailed information on it when it arrives (sadly, in 2 weeks' time minimum). n theres the rather amusing story of my search for 'the perfect laptop' which preluded this purchase :P

anyway, gotta go now, library closing liao. btw theam, teach me how to overclock a GeForce 7900GS....


Tan Sri said...

You want to learn can.....
but there is a reason why some notebook manufacturers actually underclock their graphics card

JJ said...

can, no problem, get a notebook cooler 1st!

You'll know y...... :P

Dan da KID said...

he bought a 17 incher jj.. haha dun think he can find a notebook cooler tat big :P
i cant even find one for mine d :((