Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holiday Journal, Part 2

brief summary, will flesh out when i hv time

where the heck did thursday go?
juz remembered...took my car 2 workshop for engine tune-up...n did a bunch of other stuff (change petrol filter, carbon flush, n installed sumthing called Air Power....)...COST ME 400 BUCKS! (or rather, cost my mom...)....at LEAST my car's not dragging along like an underpowered toy train now...still...i wonder if the marginal performance increase is worth the money...

bbq!!! at sze ming's hse, then went to onestop for pool n dota
ej n cw who were in charge of buying the supplies got too few sausages n too much sauce *wrinkles nose* n sum horrible lamb steaks which were 'berbau hanyir' n tough as cardboard...but on the whole the 'self-cooked food' was enjoyable lah :P there was a total of 8 ppl: tst, kst, ej, rentai, ghee, sm, lydia n latecomer sue lyn... after bbq we went to onestop where i played my 1st ever game of pool (well, i did try shooting wif the cue once or twice b4 but never relly played a game...) forgot who won d but i din manage 2 shoot in a single ball :( then it was dota time! n in the end we went back at 12.30, way past mine n lydia's curfews....

come to think of it, where did sat go??

went to penang swimming club wif ej in the evening, played 9 games of ping pong (10 points each)..won 6 to 3 :P

personal record for shortest blog time: 3 mins

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Holiday Journal, Part 1

20/8 (Sat)
left for kl wif my family, ej tagging along. he has an mp3 player wif more functions but less memory n costs a bundle more..hehe. reached kl around noon, picked up my bro from his hostel n went to hv lunch at a coffee shop where i found dat penang hawker food beats kl by miles...the 猪肉丸米粉 was like tasteless! after dat, went to shah alam to pick up my sis, spent the afternoon at megamall. the place was huge....we spent 2 hrs walking round the place wif hardly any stops n only covered bout half of it...n got lost trying to locate the place to meet up....haih dat place is kinda depressing too (for the same reason as gurney).
after dat, had dinner at a restaurant...now the food THERE was excellent n i stuffed myself to overflow :S following dat we went to parkson to 'walk off the extra fuel' but ej n i headed straight for the cybercafe...which was 2 streets away. u wudnt believe it...kl cybercafes majorly suck! for one thing, locating them in a city supposed to be the nation's capital, was harder than u think....most ppl we asked din even noe wat 'cybercafe' means! alahh...then when we finally got to the 'cafes, there were 2 side by side n we picked the 'cleaner, brighter' one...bad mistake. turns out apart from 3 stupid shareware games, the comps only offered online games like RO or ROSE. jesus, it was like a kiddies' room. anyway the comps were so sucky we left after half n hr. after going back to the apartment, ej filmed me 'showing off' some kicks 1st wif my dad's hp, then his own digicam. lights out. then talked wif ej until 2 or 3 when we both dozed off...

21/8 (Sun)
went to parkson for breakfast at a dimsun restaurant. made an interesting observation about kl ppl, which i shared wif ej ;) then dropped my bro off at his hostel n embarked on the home journey....mostly passed uneventfully tho i had a sore neck from sitting in the middle back seat.

22/8 (Mon)
morning, went to sch to get my spm results translation signed for the jap scholarship. (they sent a letter a few weeks ago n i tot 'sei liao' but it turns out it was only the blank jap language test paper which we din do during the written test months ago...but now for the final selection we hv 2 pass up all the papers including the blank ones...hopefully the written test results wun count for too much lah cuz i noe i sucked in it) the afternoon-session 'principal' senget REFUSED to sign my translation juz becuz of a small correction even tho i told him it wud b sent by fax n thus unnoticeable...so i had to get a letterhead, go home n type the whole thing out, then go back to sch again...this time, senget was absent...so i had to visit sch a 3rd time in the afternoon. jesus.

later dat day went out wif ej, kst, yst, rentai n ghee for bowling at midlands...most of us (apart from ej) being novices, many hillarious happenings occurred. ej won both games we played, me bagging runner-up in the 1st game n ghee taking dat place in the 2nd. rentai scored near the bottom in both games tho he 'drew first blood' by scoring 1st...most of us went gutter in the 1st round. kst n ghee gained the nicks 'ultra-casual' n 'superslow' respectively, which corresponds to their bowls...kst walks up to the lane like nobody's business n casually CHUCKS the ball 5 or 6 feet into the lane where it typically slides another 5 or so feet b4 rollin towards the pins...as for ghee, he sumhow made his balls (bowling balls, not HIS balls) roll super-slowly n still managed to keep a reasonable amount of accuracy. however, the highlight of the day was yst's triple strikes...in the final round of the 2nd game, yst suddenly got a 'limit break' n did 3 strikes consecutively..overtaking most of us in score in juz one round!

after dinner at mcd, we went to evo for a bit of cc action...decided to try out DotA (Defense of the Ancients) n got hooked for 2 1/2 hrs...all of us teamed up against comp in d 1st game, me n yst teamed against kst, ghee n rentai in 2 other games...we won the 2nd game n lost the 3rd. so instead of leaving at 10 as planned, we went back around 11.30....

23/8 (Tue)
afternoon, went to psc for a bit of punch-bag action. b4 starting on the bag tho, went beach-running...5 rounds down the stretch of beach next to psc...2 rounds in the ankle deep water n 3 rounds in soft sand. pretty darn good exercise - lower back, abs n calves all hurting like hell now (thurs morning). after hitting the bag, went for chin-ups at the monkey bar..did a total of 20 times in 5-rep sets...man i'm getting weak. at least i can actually do them now...still remember bout 2 years back i cant even lift myself up once.
later at nite, met sum of d guys on9 n decided to cancel the bbq thing we've been planning for thurs. wun go into details now but the whole business relly got me fed up...

24/8 (Wed)
got a cold, n subsequently was in a bad mood the whole day. big hub-bub about the bbq business...sum ppl still wanted it while sum din...in the end we decided to hv it after all, at sze ming's hse on friday. spent the day studying arenes n haloalkanes at home....organic chem is shit. found dat my comp has a overheating problem n crashes after playing any cpu-intensive game for a few mins...shita....

Sunday, August 14, 2005

shit..blog's dead, n so am i...

muthaf*cking haze....made me miss the summer 8 concert at esplanade yesterday....n man i so damn regret not going cuz tot the haze wud affect the concert n it turned out dat d haze cleared b4 d concert started..!! fucka fucka fucka....

anyway for all of u out there still tuning in to my blog....sorry for lack of updates. guess i cud make a lot of excuses for my absence from the blogging world...but the fact remains dat i was too lazy to post. hmm..i suppose i can blame literati for taking up my night on9 time (which is usually the time i blog)....n in turn i can blame samuel for getting me hooked to scrabble by bringing his scrabble set to sch....haha

well anyway juz to note a few things dat hv happened in the past..2? 3? weeks since my last post...in no particular order:

hot weather
the weather's been unbelievably hot lately. as in shittingly boilingly burning hot. so hot dat for the last week i din manage to get anything substantial done (in the way of studies)....prior to this i had decided to stay back in sch on weekdays so dat i wudnt waste my afternoons in front of d comp...but thanx 2 d heat, i had no luck concentrating, whether at sch or at home...damnit, one week gone....btw, if anyone's affected by the hot weather too, my advice is to get some exercise n 'sweat it all out' then take a shower...else u'll b sweating a little bit throughout the day n feel hot n sticky n (in my case) seriously UNmotivated to study...

phantom of the opera
last sat, watched phantom of the opera (movie) wif my mom...mainly for the music, since the acting kinda sucked (except for the phantom). there were some humourous moments thrown in, esp at the start tho. needless to say my fave character was the phantom. there were some parallels between him n i...i'll leave it to u guys 2 figure dat out :P worst point of the movie: the song-speech dat the characters adopted halfway through the movie as their main method of dialogue...the words werent really suited to the rhythm so it sounded rather unnatural.

as mentioned above, lately i (n most of the 'fluggen gang'...) had been hooked on literati...every nite at 11 (give or take an hour :P) we'll converge in a yahoo!literati room n play...at the beginning i had the upper hand in most games but lately it seems everyone's getting better while i'm getting worse...last nite actually lost both games dat we played, one of them to rentai! currently rentai holds the record for making the longest word (n scoring the most points in one turn....126 points...) tho he did kinda reinvent the dictionary in doing so :P anyway, hv 2 stop playing literati too..its making me stay up later than i shud n staring at the screen in the dark isnt doing my eyes any good either...

pc fair
went to pc fair last sat. the place was packed tighter than a can of sardines n all of us (me, ej, tansri, caryn n rentai) ended up buying nothing...so all in all, a waste of time (n car petrol). i was looking for earphones for my mp3 player but the ones sold there were all 'bad labels' according to ej...n oso it was a pain navigating the area looking for the best offers...so in the end i left empty handed. sigh. this is starting to sound repetitive isnt it?

other stuff
1. the past few weekends had been a total waste...i seriously hv 2 break this vicious cycle or i'm done for in the upcoming trial exams...
2. lately i'm kinda into karate....chia ling's been teaching me some karate stuff (including the 'coveted' kata Bassai Dai...haha) n i've oso been sparring wif him karate-style....it sure was an eye opener for sum1 like me who had been bound to the rules of taekwondo sparring

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bad weekend: physics comp + team A gathering + tennis + FUCKING CAR ACCIDENT

terrible weekend, it was.

1stly, we'll start off wif friday. well actually, i cant remember much of friday. i think i spent the afternoon reading harry potter which my neighbour jing yin so kindly lent me, then napped, then went off to tuition n slept summore, then after tuition went out for dinner wif parents, then at nite i prepared for the sat physics competition by chatting on9 n reading harry potter...

picked up shin jeh the LongMan n went to usm for the physics competition. as usual...u guessed it. messed up. the hall was damn cold, every1 complained bout it. for a cold-phobic person like me, it was hell in antartica. towards the end of d 2 1/2-hr competition my fingers were so numb i crossed out one line at least 3 times b4 managing 2 write it properly. the questions themselves were a lot easier than i had anticipated, which is not to say i managed 2 do them all cuz i din study...din wan 2 waste time on a 'lost cause', u see.....tho i suppose if i studied n refreshed my memory on the formulae things wud hv been much easier lah. as things were, i langsung din touch one of the four questions cuz i had to derive almost every equation from scratch, having forgotten all the formulae. felt relly shitty after the test cuz almost every1 finished all 4 questions except for me n i prob cud hv if i had only tried harder.

neway, after the test i spent the rest of d morning driving aimlessly around wif shin jeh n ariel (who had unexpectedly turned up for the competition) looking for a place 2 hv breakfast, then went 2 buy bus tickets for my sis...by the time i got home it was past lunchtime n after the meal i proceeded to waste the afternoon spending an inordinate amount of time typing a few questions for my mom n napping the rest of the time away.

around 6.30 wei liang arrived at my hse n we left for choh khai's where we met up wif d rest of 'team A' - fatty, ck n rentai. went for western food at pulau tikus, then headed for gurney....walked round d place a bit, visited xinch at tower records, n had a field time pestering william (the current head prefect) wif misscalls while eating cake at secret recipe. felt kinda guilty bout it later tho....anyway, after dat we went 2 take a few pics at gurney drive, i got up on the ledge n held a side kick but fatty goay messed up d pic (glares). after dat everyone went home n i once again turned 2 harry potter b4 sleep....

(btw, gurney is such a depressing place. u see all the happy couples walking around together n u'r alone. ok, not u, ME. )

morning passed uneventfully...went out wif family for dim sum breakfast then read harry potter again - i was trying 2 finish it within the weekend - then after lunch went to hv a haircut. well, all i can say is dat it was a haircut of haircuts....i'm now known by such names as 'monk', 'heng ee boy', 'commando', etc....plus the idiot barber made me wait for almost (or more than) an hr! @#&$^%&@#$

later when i went home, it was harry potter again (thankfully, the end wasnt too far off d), then nap, then ej came 2 pick me up for tennis. spent bout 45 minutes trying 2 locate caryn's hse, then picked HER up n went straight 2 psc. xinch was late. xinch missed a lot of balls. i hit out a lot of balls. ej killed a lot of balls. (in case anyone's wondering, those were tennis balls. dun think too much.) at 7 we stopped n went 2 d pool for a swim then showered then all went out in ej's car for dinner....

then it happened when we were parking outside subaidah's. ej was reversing into the parking space n he inched out again to adjust...then suddenly a fucker on steroids drove by at mebbe 60 kph. IN A CARPARK. his side n ej's front connected n he dragged ej's front bumper clean off (almost) b4 he stopped. d fucker got out n started blabbering n at 1st we were all too shocked n tot it was our fault. later we worked out the details n discovered dat HE shudnt hv been driving dat fast in d 1st place. plus it was likely dat his car's side swerved into us as we were inching forwards, so it was HIS fault.

but anyway, we juz stood our ground n waited for ej's parents 2 arrive. THEY started calling in 'reinforcements'....u noe..those thuglike biker-types who claim to be foremen but were probably their relatives or sumting. same bad seed, i say. so i called ghee. if it came 2 a brawl at least we got 2 fighting men. meanwhile the OTHER fuckers who had their car parked next to ej's, started ranting about their car being scratched. for gods sake d scratch was so small it was almost invisible! n they were talking bout wanting the whole fucking car resprayed cuz it cudnt b polished. bullshit, may they die early. trying to profit from other ppl's troubles....in particular i remember this crossed-eyed bitch (ok, not relly crossed eyed, i juz needed something 2 describe her) who alternated between 'its your fault, YOUR FAULT, N I DUN CARE N U MUST PAY ME' n 'hey i'm talking nicely to u, dun shout at me pls'....man, if i had a stick, i wud ram it up her (.....)

anyway when ej's parents arrived they settled the bitch quickly (tho she profitted by 50 bucks, which imho she shudnt hv deserved. she cant even get dat amount if she sold herself) then concerning the 'main' accident, they decided to let d police settle, which was a wise choice cuz the fucker prob wud go ahead n report to police behind our backs even if we agreed 2 settle it in private. the cheek, claiming we were at fault. hope next time he speeds n hits a parking car, it wud b a 20-ton lorry. (humourless laugh)

anyway after ej's parents went off to the police station, the wind startd acting up...sand flying everywhere n we startd worrying bout dat holy man or watever's vision. so ghee dropped me n caryn back home. end of story. one wasted weekend n one busted car.