Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holiday Journal, Part 2

brief summary, will flesh out when i hv time

where the heck did thursday go?
juz remembered...took my car 2 workshop for engine tune-up...n did a bunch of other stuff (change petrol filter, carbon flush, n installed sumthing called Air Power....)...COST ME 400 BUCKS! (or rather, cost my mom...)....at LEAST my car's not dragging along like an underpowered toy train now...still...i wonder if the marginal performance increase is worth the money...

bbq!!! at sze ming's hse, then went to onestop for pool n dota
ej n cw who were in charge of buying the supplies got too few sausages n too much sauce *wrinkles nose* n sum horrible lamb steaks which were 'berbau hanyir' n tough as cardboard...but on the whole the 'self-cooked food' was enjoyable lah :P there was a total of 8 ppl: tst, kst, ej, rentai, ghee, sm, lydia n latecomer sue lyn... after bbq we went to onestop where i played my 1st ever game of pool (well, i did try shooting wif the cue once or twice b4 but never relly played a game...) forgot who won d but i din manage 2 shoot in a single ball :( then it was dota time! n in the end we went back at 12.30, way past mine n lydia's curfews....

come to think of it, where did sat go??

went to penang swimming club wif ej in the evening, played 9 games of ping pong (10 points each)..won 6 to 3 :P

personal record for shortest blog time: 3 mins


sjune said...

i tot all guys noe how to play pool one...

Tan Sri said...

and i tot all girls noe how to dance ballet

sjune said...


nola,i tot pool is quite common among boys ma.....esp those who often hang out

smtg lidat

dun tell me u tot ballet is quite common among girls,tan sri.