Tuesday, February 16, 2010

minor setback

ok i know ive promised myself to start blogging today, but due to 1) there being nothing much to blog about (at least that comes to mind) n 2) a hiking appointment at 7.30am tmr morning plus a primary sch gathering in the evening which i dont wanna look too much like a zombie at, ive decided to drop another one of my famous blogging postponements into this slot.

oh ya, i prob shud blog about the primary sch reunion! there'll b lots of ppl i havent met for YEARS. havent actually hung out wif most of the guys frm sum sun even during my time in clhs, not to mention the girls... there'll b a whole lot of unfamiliar-yet-strangely-familiar faces at the gathering for sure! lets see how well i do at reconnecting wif all those ppl.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

a new year.... time for a new beginning?

maybe its time i started blogging again. as soon as i get some inspiration. and free time at night WITHOUT being dead tired.

of course, theres also figuring out the solution to my classic problem of not knowing where/how to pick up again after leaving the blog for so long.

seriously, does anyone wanna read my blog anyway? is there any meaning in posting when nobody's gonna see them anyway?

mmmm.... this kind of monologue is kinda fun tho. n besides i suppose this blog's main audience shall be my future self.

so ok, tmr. i'll start blogging again tmr! よっしゃ!!