Tuesday, February 16, 2010

minor setback

ok i know ive promised myself to start blogging today, but due to 1) there being nothing much to blog about (at least that comes to mind) n 2) a hiking appointment at 7.30am tmr morning plus a primary sch gathering in the evening which i dont wanna look too much like a zombie at, ive decided to drop another one of my famous blogging postponements into this slot.

oh ya, i prob shud blog about the primary sch reunion! there'll b lots of ppl i havent met for YEARS. havent actually hung out wif most of the guys frm sum sun even during my time in clhs, not to mention the girls... there'll b a whole lot of unfamiliar-yet-strangely-familiar faces at the gathering for sure! lets see how well i do at reconnecting wif all those ppl.....


Wan Ying Teoh said...

LOL finally you moved from the bottom of my blog list =P
Blog about CNY la, and how much ang pao you (and me?) made =D

WZ said...

i foresee another failed attempt =P

blog la ... i also got come back to this page time to time one... but no point shooting u... i shud myself blog more often too haha