Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Gambler

The gambler realised time was short. And he needed money. So he threw the dice, and won. Thus he managed to scrape past that particular situation.

Some time later, he needed a quick fix again. So he threw the dice and once again he got lucky. After setting his affairs in order, he still had some left over.

So he spent it all.

The nature of the gambler is that whenever he wins something, he will use it to play for ever bigger stakes. You can never expect him to save his winnings and invest in the future.

But you can't throw the dice and expect to get 6 every time. And sometimes, when you throw a bad number, the consequences can be bad.

Very bad....

And this time, the gambler has thrown all ones.

God save the gambler....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Handphone Numbers i've mentioned in the last post, i've lost my hp...n hence all my hp u guys who drop by this blog, pls leave ur no. here k? (or send me a private msg in frenster or msn or watever)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Gloomy Saturday"

ok..the title of this post takes its name from a song kryptos intro'd me, Gloomy Sunday...originally in hungarian n supposedly drove over 100 ppl to suicide since 1933....but thats another story.

the point is, this was a S.H.I.T. day.

early at 7am saw me dragging myself up from bed after a mere 4 hrs of sleep to go hiking wif yst. reason? exam's coming up n i need to study for the whole day so from past experience i needed the 'boost' dat an early morning exercise wud give me. duno bout u guys but if i sleep more than 6 hrs at nite i end up being more tired than usual. but that (my weird sleep patterns) is another story too.

anyway...all went well..for the morning, that is...we managed to reach station 5 in record time...less than half an hr (started around 7.35 n reached slightly b4 8...) then went down, had breakfast at the usual roadside mamak stall n walked around botanical gardens n went home. then i found out: strike number 1...missing handphone! i left it in my glove compartment b4 going up the hill n now its not there. plus for sum weird reason, the fucker oso stole a nail clipper i left in the car. so anyway...wat to do..i called up digi n froze my number..hopefully the 90+ bucks credit left wud b more or less intact when i renew the number...

so for the rest of the morning i sat in my room n revised my maths; god noes how much stuff i've forgotten since the last exam. my usual practice after hiking in the morning is to take a short nap n wake up refreshed but since this morning i was feeling more alert n wakeful than usual i decided to slog it out until noon....after which things started going downhill. while waiting for lunch i 'snacked' on the better part of a large bag of potato chips n felt the usual 'body heating up' symptoms harbringing the discomfort dat accompanies any excess intake of oily food. so thats strike number 2.

after lunch i was feeling sleepy so..sleep? nah. went on9 to 'check mail n stuff for a few mins'...ended up playing a 2-hr DotA game wif tansri n aik chuan...2 hrs cuz ac was too damn pro n me n tansri pairing up vs him barely managed to win in the the time the game was over it was like 5.30. i was like WTF??? WHERE HAD THE AFTERNOON GONE!? now, the reason i went hiking this morning n deprived myself of sleep was to give myself more energy to study later in the day. n now more than half of it's gone n all i've had to show was a few pages of revised maths...

so..strike 3.

now its after dinner... less than 2 hrs (b4 dota at 11pm) 4 me to cover the huge amount of work i scheduled myself today. man, life juz sucks....

btw, if anyone's wondering wat happened to me lately, i havent been on9 cuz of TWO blasted modems. but thats another story.

n a brief recounting of my recent week or two - since i havent been blogging lately - dats yet another story too.

my new love interest, kym...hehe..dats another story.

n last but not least, the new game in my life...DOTA!!! ....another story.

sorry guys but gtg study...