Tuesday, April 17, 2007

not quite

okay, i suppose i'll put one more post here b4 i go. sumhow sumting inside is screaming at me to at least go thru the past year n put up some stuff so that someday i can look back at my first year in japan n smile in reminiscence. n ive got lots of photos that, notwithstanding having cost great effort in their taking, have not been looked thru even by myself! (to future self: probably no one's ever gonna read this post, well no one i noe anyway, but still, feels good to put down my thoughts on paper. even if the paper is electronic...heheh)

well anyway, this 'one more post' is not THIS post, cuz theres no time for it tonight. heck im already 45 mins past my self-fixed bedtime.

n shit, has my english degraded to the level of fish. or shit. or watever.