Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post STPM Damage Report

well..its over....

it was over a few days ago actually. 4 days to be exact. something kept me from blogging all these days - laziness n a general lack of disposition to do anything except playing computer games. dunno, i hated studying for stpm but once its all over, it feels like i've lost 'direction' sumhow...without a goal around which all my activities are ultimately planned, i duno how to fill my days.

a few weeks back when a bunch of ppl finished their sch exams, they were putting up msn nicknames reflecting their boredom. well, for me its not like that. in my case its not a matter of having nothing to do, but wanting to do so many stuff that i dunno where to start. in fact, i cant even REMEMBER wat i want to do (luckily i wrote a very long list during the course of the year...will be referring to it as soon as i...haih, nevermind). so instead of going out to do something 'productive', i've been filling my days with computer games. n for sum reason time seems 2 b flowing real fast these days...heck, 4 days gone n not even a movie watched?

damn, relly hv 2 pull myself together to stop wasting the holidays liddat....

anyway, on stpm...i'm afraid i've already fell short of my goal of obtaining 5A' appears i celebrated my marks for chemistry 1 too early. the sadists at MPM apparently targetted chemistry as the 'killer' subject this year because paper 2 came out even harder than paper 1, if that was at all possible. without going into details, i can safely say that 20 marks hv gone down the drain. n this juz from an initial assessment...there must be half a dozen smaller mistakes chipping off another 5-10 marks or so....

the other papers were not quite as bad, but there were still some shaky bits in maths n bio, both paper 2. n pengajian am 2 has always been, well, unpredictable at best. so i guess it all comes down to luck now....the type of examiners who mark my papers will determine my fate. pity i dun hv a god to pray to...heheh...

btw, i seem to be having trouble putting my thoughts to words....izit becuz i havent been blogging for a long time or my brains hv already left on their own private holiday?

anyway, a brief account of wat i've been up to the last few days. on tuesday, i went home after the final paper, feeling a very surprising lack of jubilance at the end of the exams. mebbe it was becuz i knew i din do well enuf...or mebbe cuz i had been sick the day before n was still feeling slightly queasy (imagine tossing sleeplessly in bed from 3am to 5am on the eve of ur final paper...sounds bad right? well, dat me).

so upon reaching home i installed dota n the spent the morning n afternoon in front of the comp. lydia came over around noon to borrow my comp which resulted in me leaving a game >( after dinner, went to evo in onestop wif kst, yst, sam, szeming n..wonder of wonders...yong shen...played from 8-11sumting, then went home n on9-ed a bit more...n there endeth my post-stpm celebration...boring eh?

the next day, wed, i took my car over to the shop to hv its remote control system fixed. turned out to be a flat battery in my remote nia. the rest of the day..played dota n dungeon keeper 2, a relly old game...but boy it was fun. i mean, i like being the bad guy n such :P

thurs: nothing eventful in the morning n afternoon; at night, danny came over to plan our class' performance for the graduation dinner next wed. we're gonna do a singing thing...cobble a few songs together liddat.

fri: went to sch where my class had a meeting to discuss the performance. then went to this new cybercafe in farlim where they had better comps n a better environment (than evo) n at a lower price (RM1.50/hr) too! they even got quake 4! 10 of us went...juz enuf to fill up both teams of 5 in dota. after 2 games - both of which my side lost :( - we played a 'few' rounds of quake 4. man, 10 ppl in a deathmatch is simply crazy. some of the maps were so small everyone was shooting at someone more than half the time...n dying half the other. i recognised two of the was a remake of a quake 2 classic, another was the final level in quake 3. later, went wif chin kok to ms tan (suat hui)'s hse where we dismantled her electronic organ, then i decided that i din need to take it home after all so we left it there. then went home n wasted the rest of the day as usual.

sat: danny came over in the morning to practice since the 2 of us r gonna b playing the instruments for the class performance next wed. then went over to the pc depot in e-gate near tesco cuz there was an offer on the pendrives there....RM29.90 for a 256mb....unfortunately, those units were sold out so i went home empty handed. i did manage to check out the prices for multi media cards for my hp tho..gonna compare them at the pc fair next week.

well...that concludes my once-in-a-blue-moon blog for now...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Miracle! Holy Light!! Holy Cow!!!

lady luck has smiled on the gambler once again!!!

yesterday, a depressed n dejected-looking gambler emerged from the casino after a 1hr45min stint left him both mentally exhausted n emotionally disturbed.

in fact he was so disappointed wif his performance in the chem 1 paper that he was thinking of cancelling next tuesday's post-stpm celebration! among other things, he did the paper so slowly that he did not hv time to check thru, n thats bound to put a damper on ur mood when the fella in front of u finished about 50 minutes into the exam n was shaking his legs the whole time u were sweating.

after checking his answers wif the guy in front, his spirits fell even more. there were 9 different answers n knowing the guy in front is likely to get almost full marks, it practically indicated a minimum of 9 mistakes for the gambler. n thats juz minimum. so he went home wif a sour face....

the next day, a miracle happened! a beam of holy light shone down n his handphone beeped. upon reading the msg, apprehension gripped him as it contained the answers to the paper. but wanting to put his mind at ease, he went ahead n checked his answers anyway. and.....HE GOT 7 WRONG!!!

now, i noe 43/50 is nothing to shout about in front of the big baddie guys (like the guy in front). but for me its a personal achievement! according to the tech guru, who also happens to be the gambler's advisor on many things including stpm scores, a minimum of 42 will practically ensure an A for that paper. so the gambler is safe!!


now i've got a few things lined up for next week:

bowling (mebbe even pool?!)
hiking....all the way to the top!
kickboxing at psc gym!

n anything else the gang can come up wif!! plus lots n lots of dota every night!!

so anyway, juz to make sure paper 2 wont turn out to be the killer...i'm signing off to slog for...4 more days. THEN ITS HARI MERDEKA. YEAAAAWAAAAaaaaaaaa.........

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What FF7: Advent Children Character Am I?

Quiz Result Provided By:

What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?

Hosted by Anime. Done right.

Disclaimer: I did NOT consciouly pick any choices that correspond to Cloud! eg. weapon of choice: gunblade, not buster sword. So anyone out there waiting to yell 'u think u'r cloud, want to kao tifa r?', think twice. After all, a gunblade can blast u from afar :P

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 near

well..there ain't much to blog about lately cuz of the Big S.... been studying almost all the time these few days....i've a nasty feeling i'm not gonna finish my chem in time...damn organic AND inorganic!

anyway here's a brief list of the stuff thats been happening in my life lately: (in no particular order)

1) downloaded jay chou's new album...the songs r good but sumhow they dun hold the same kind of magic to me as they did b4

2) true to the puasa spirit, i've gone on a fast! a games fast, that is. having uninstalled dota almost 2 weeks ago, i briefly switched to reincarnation (refer last post) n now i've stopped playing that also. since it was too hard to simply say 'no', i had to delete my character :( but anyway, i seem to be getting a bit more studying done since doing so...

3) fixed up my old pentium celeron 700...juz in time too, for my bro n sis both came home for their holidays n had i not prepared an alternative, i wudve been cut off the net every nite..the comp hogs....still, no hope of playing any LAN games at my hse for the moment except starcraft...cuz the old comp's juz too beh siu...dun even hv 3d card

4) made a list of movies to watch after stpm: Doom, Corpse Bride, Chronicles of Narnia n Harry Potter 4....for now....anyone interested in watchin those too? pls sign up here :P

5) now recruiting for KL Trip 05/06....tentatively set for early jan, 2006....anyone interested pls sign up here oso :P

6) sum1 went n ran a few entries of my blog thru The Gender Genie n apparently it decided that i'm a female....!! calling everyone who noes me to testify otherwise....reward guaranteed!

addition at 12:47AM, 3 Nov:
7) symptoms of dota withdrawal...poses mimicking various dota characters: antimage's 'yeng pose' wif his moonblades n pointing at stuff imagining i'm blasting it wif finger of death. oh no...

8) Nice quote i've come across: “I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”

as u can guess, this is very likely my last post for about 3 weeks...until after stpm, that is...due to lack of both 'bloggable' events n guys, cya 'in another, happier time'!