Friday, November 18, 2005

Miracle! Holy Light!! Holy Cow!!!

lady luck has smiled on the gambler once again!!!

yesterday, a depressed n dejected-looking gambler emerged from the casino after a 1hr45min stint left him both mentally exhausted n emotionally disturbed.

in fact he was so disappointed wif his performance in the chem 1 paper that he was thinking of cancelling next tuesday's post-stpm celebration! among other things, he did the paper so slowly that he did not hv time to check thru, n thats bound to put a damper on ur mood when the fella in front of u finished about 50 minutes into the exam n was shaking his legs the whole time u were sweating.

after checking his answers wif the guy in front, his spirits fell even more. there were 9 different answers n knowing the guy in front is likely to get almost full marks, it practically indicated a minimum of 9 mistakes for the gambler. n thats juz minimum. so he went home wif a sour face....

the next day, a miracle happened! a beam of holy light shone down n his handphone beeped. upon reading the msg, apprehension gripped him as it contained the answers to the paper. but wanting to put his mind at ease, he went ahead n checked his answers anyway. and.....HE GOT 7 WRONG!!!

now, i noe 43/50 is nothing to shout about in front of the big baddie guys (like the guy in front). but for me its a personal achievement! according to the tech guru, who also happens to be the gambler's advisor on many things including stpm scores, a minimum of 42 will practically ensure an A for that paper. so the gambler is safe!!


now i've got a few things lined up for next week:

bowling (mebbe even pool?!)
hiking....all the way to the top!
kickboxing at psc gym!

n anything else the gang can come up wif!! plus lots n lots of dota every night!!

so anyway, juz to make sure paper 2 wont turn out to be the killer...i'm signing off to slog for...4 more days. THEN ITS HARI MERDEKA. YEAAAAWAAAAaaaaaaaa.........


samuel_lhc said...

your wife got 2 wrong nia, how are you going to face your godfather?

Tan Sri said...

u mean his father, without the prefix god in front ... :P

Dan da KID said...

wei... wait for me ler..... dun u dare to leave the capt out of all the fun!!!
good luck for ur last 2 papers!

EA Cheng said...


chin kimg said...

hari merdela spent on rest
way to go