Friday, September 01, 2006

Leave of Absence

well guys, i had a really great summer holidays....went lots of places did (quite) a lot of things n such...but unfortunately due to er...'time constraints' i was unable 2 blog bout the happenings. but rest assured, i'll get around to it soon! in the meanwhile the library's closed for 2 weeks starting next monday, so i'll b gone for a while.

anyway in short, i've gone to an english summer camp in nasu where i had my wits tortured by a bunch of retarded 14-year old kids, who also gave me a nickname that everyone in the dorm now noes about; a guitar 'camp' (gasshuku, meaning 'live-together', in japanese...) in akita-ken which is one of the most beautiful places i've seen, also getting to know quite a few new friends there; and a homestay programme in karumai-cho of iwate-ken, which is the neighbouring prefecture of akita-ken (both far to the north, juz short of hokkaido....approx. 8 hrs' bus ride), also a beautiful place, where i slept at 10.30 n woke at 6.30 each day, n played park golf n acted in a play; n oso played dota after a VERY long time! but details will hv 2 wait. anyway, signing off!

p.s. i've been receiving disturbing reports of my msn account signing in at times when i cudnt possibly hv access to a computer. so if u c me on9 late at nite or sumting, its prob not me. but juz send a msg 2 b sure :P

p.s.s. this post is basically juz 2 let ppl noe i'm not giving up on my blog yet, unlike many of the ppl out there...heheh...strive to the end!