Sunday, February 26, 2006

hello world

ah...its been a long time since i took up the 'pen', so now i'll write a little sumting while waiting for rise of nations to install.

as many of my gang know (they were responsible for it in the 1st place), i've recently got hooked on a new hobby...watching anime. specifically, Naruto, the anime series about a dumb ninja wif a super powerful demon locked inside him dat saves his ass when his carelessness leads him into trouble. on top of that, my interest in dota was resurrected after temporarily being replaced by civ4 (i've deleted THAT time consuming game from all my comps d....whew...)

anyway, on to more 'serious' things. lately i've been...well...not-so-cheerful (read: depressed) as the date of my departure to japan draws nearer. well, the i dunno the exact date yet, but it'll b sumwhere between 1-7 april. that leaves me slightly more than 1 month more in penang now. n knowing u'r about to leave ur hometown somehow sets u thinking on stuff u normally dun think about. eg regrets bout the stuff i din do, wondering wat things wud hv been like if i took another path in my life, etc etc.

on top of dat, there's so many things i shud b doing in preparation but havent done yet, cuz i've been procrastinating n wasting my time on games n stuff. n wondering about the future: whether i'll b able to settle in there, how i'll adapt to the new environment etc. so u guys who r already overseas, u better leave sum comments n advice!

ok, rise of nations finished installing. sayonara!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

back from the depths of addiction

today i found myself doing sumting i havent done for many a week: sipping a cup of coffee, i plonked down in front of my comp n logged in to blogspot for a bit of (short?) blogging! yes, i noe my blog has been in hibernation lately, but now its time to revive it!

anyway, so many things hv passed since my last post (about my trip to china, if i remember correctly) that i cant possibly cover them in this single entry. in fact, i'm not sure i can recall all the stuff i did since then, much less the details to write about. so i guess i'll juz drop watever comes to mind into this little box here n hope u guys out there will enjoy reading. or watever...

sum time (exact date forgotten) after d china trip wif my family, i went for another trip, this time to genting n kl wif my frens, namely jiao jiao zhi (dan), tu lan leng (ghee), sam n uncle theam. we were joined in genting for the first 2 nites at genting by caryn n amoi aka bak kim (dun ask :P). caryn was kind enuf to bring her ps2 to genting, which meant no 1 got to watch tv while i was in the room. hehe. anyway, a lot of stuff happened dat trip, not all of them good. disaster struck almost the moment we arrived at pudu, as sam's hp got stolen by some fuckin' asshole who probably will die by the age of 30 due to the bad karma accumulated on him. but anyway we went on to awana (halfway up the mountain) where d gals met us.

dat evening, another strike: d apartment's hot plate rosak, so we had to eat microwaved canned meat wif bread. sounds yucky rite...only thing is we were too engrossed wif d ps2 (well, i was anyway :P) to care bout wat we're eating. the next day, we went to the cablecar station to take a ride up the mountain, only to be informed dat the cable car system is closed due to strong winds. so in d end we had to take taxis up. (for brevity's sake i shall exclude the good stuff for the moment, n concentrate on the bad). dat nite, we were supposed to take the 12 midnite cablecar down, but missed it by a few secs (we actually saw it departing) so had to wait till 1am to catch the car down. at dat time tho, it din matter so much cuz we were all high from drinking our 3rd or 4th consecutive cup of coke.

ff to kl. on d 4th day of the trip (2nd day in kl) we went to sunway pyramid for ice skating. n guess wat...uncle theam sorta had a nasty fall n his old bones cudnt take it. so poor ol' theam cudnt eat chicken, eggs n duno wat else for several weeks after...due to the (dubious?) advice of his chinese sinseh. apart from dat, i borrowed dan's cap (due to a bad hair day) n left it in the bus on the journey back. n lastly, sumhow an extra piece ended up among our luggage, an orange bag dat din belong to any of us. so oho, we're all having bad karma now.

in case anyone's wondering about the karma thingy, i watched a movie starring andy lau on astro during cny eve, titled 'mr. big'. n in case anyone's wondering y i watched dat movie, ask me wat is cd-pro2 :P

anyway that trip wasnt a total waste: we still managed to hv loads of fun n i learned 3 important skills: ice skating (very VERY mediocre), pool (as in billiards, not swimming) n chor dai di, in which i recently won 5 games in a row. hehehe...

sum time after dat trip, we had another major event....lanparty! theam booked a unit in leisure cove n we happily carried our comps over n hooked them up. well, theam n dan happily, the rest of us had to lug our CPUs n monitors along so we werent THAT happy. n apart from exchanging the wacky stuff we downloaded (including the now-infamous cd-pro2 episodes), we managed to get hooked on Civilization 4 after trying it out on the lan.

more recently, last tuesday i joined my classmates in visiting (u noe...拜年) each other. then wanted to end wif a cc session but unfortunately netcity was packed to the brim. n our visiting ended rather early cuz most ppl were not at home (hiding from our onslaught i wud say). the next day a bunch of us visited pn hong (our physics teacher) n belly yeap (havent relly taught me b4 but he was d discipline master b4). so this year my angpow collection is rather impressive :P for sum reason tho, this cny i decided to forgo my 'custom' of writing 珲春 (u noe...those big big pieces of caligraphy wif 4 or 7 words on red paper) cuz i was bz playing civ4 until 6am on cny eve.

on thursday we (me, dan, ghee, theam, yst, lydia, caryn, xy, xy's bro) went to redbox n had our throats cut. dan booked the room for 4-7pm but when we got there we were informed the room had been taken cuz we were late. cb gy tl lc....anyway, after sum discussion n a lot of reluctance on my part - n a few others too, although they din dare 2 voice it out >.< - we took the nite session (6-9) which includes free buffet. guess how much dat came to? RM55. THAT IS TWENTY-SEVEN HOURS OF CYBERCAFE TIME! but haih, sum1 wans to hiao wif his gal, wat to do? n redbox cut our time short by almost half n hr...we had to wait until 6.15pm for them to clear the room, then around 8.50pm our time ended d. cb gy tl lc redbox.....BAD KARMA FOR THEM!!! after dat we went to caryn's hse for sum gambling, wif half of us playing sumting on the mahjong table n half of us playing bluff n chor dai ti. n oh, there was a relly hot gal at caryn's
hse (her aunt's hse actually, so i think dat was her counsin...hehehe)

then finally (is that a sigh of relief i hear from u, o dear reader?) we (same grup as b4, only without caryn n xy's bro, n including sm n sue lyn) had a 'bbq' at the crown prince beach on sat. actually it was more of a beach party since we din bbq any food....we had bought pizza n satay.....tho we lit a campfire. n we played truth or dare (n sum relly weird stuff happened afterwards). AND THAT DAY I WON FIVE GAMES OF CHOR DAI DI!!!! muahahahhahaa.....

ah btw, i'll b going 2 japan in april. got the monbu-something scholarship n all that. n i'v been learning d language the past 2 months or so....not too easy but interesting oso. anyway, everyone better treat ur fren here nicely cuz he's going away in less than 2 months...ehehe...

lalala....TO BE CONTINUED.......