Sunday, May 20, 2007

shao thing hates kids

damned kids!

last night i went to a party n took two shots of vodka with sprite.....turns out dat was enuf to temporarily mess up my system, even tho i managed to cycle home in one piece. reached home at 1.30, by the time i fell asleep it was over 3.30am......duno how time juz flies when u'r sleepy n yet not willing to sleep -.-

note to self: if tired, dun go browsing wikipedia for useless information such as the differences between a machinegun n a minigun. juz SLEEP! uni is no place to wake up tired n sleepy.

n this morning, the kids frm neighbouring houses HAD to come out n play n scream n such!!! darn it, kids r d same d world over, whether msia or japan. i JUZ DETEST KIDS.

so i was woken up at 10, one hr before my designated wake-up time (by careful analysis of past experiences, ive determined dat the optimal sleep-duration is 7 1/2 hrs). by the time i managed to fall asleep again (after shutting the window n cutting off my supply of fresh air) it was 10.30. consequently i woke at 11.30, n wif enough of the so-called 'sleep inertia' dat i totally cant remember anything i was thinking juz a while ago. fark.

(INFO-SCIENCE: when a person's normal sleep pattern is interrupted and he is made to wake, a phenomenon known as sleep inertia manifests in which a person may be physically wide awake n alert, hence being unable to go back to sleep, but his mind is in a total state of unreadiness and he has difficulty focusing, recalling or utilizing short-term memory, among other temporary mental disorders)

all becuz of the kids! n probably in part to the alcohol i consumed last night, however.

on a side note, the management at osaka university of international studies shud really fix that stupid old clavinova in their lounge. the pedals WONT WORK!


queenlyd said...

hahah.... i feel for u .. i really do..

noisy, crying kids talking in foreign languages that you don't even understand and 8am lectures... pure evilness!!!

raptor_ravenlord said...

well, at least the 8am doesnt apply to me, n i understand (mostly) wat d kids r saying. but sumhow understanding makes it sound worse...arghh

anyway, i wonder how was ever a kid. they're so noisy, spoilt, bratty things....

queenlyd said...

i wouldn't mind if the kid was talking in english wor.. at least i'll have fun figuring out what he said and maybe i'd learn something about how australians pronounce their words.. but the family is german or something.. and the sound of gibberish just annoys me . :P