Tuesday, March 29, 2005

of Sore Muscles and Wasted Time

note: this is a "second edition" entry becuz my 1st post got eaten up by a 'server internal error'

Sore Muscles
ok...my legs had been aching continuously since the "Hardcore Intensive" training last last week (read here)...why? cuz after my thighs had hurt for one whole week (yep, the muscle soreness lasted till friday) i got another helping of Muscle Soreness Special at the cross country run on sat (plus free gift: Cough-It Plus!) - this time mainly in the calves. in a way this is even worse than the thighs lah cuz it makes *normal* walking painful whereas last week i only had difficulty moving down stairs...good job tst you just passed another milestone on your personal Road To Perdition!

Wasted Time
total study time on Sat: 0 hrs
morning - cross country run, going on9, napping
afternoon - physics, being stuck in usm
evening - going on9, napping
night - going on9, watching star wars episode 1

total study time on Sun: 1 hrs
morning - going on9, napping n lazing around
afternoon - study (3.00pm-4.00pm), napping
evening - went to psc
night - playing piano, going on9

total study time on Mon: 2 hrs
morning - sch
afternoon - went to post office, on9 till 5pm
evening - napping
night - playing piano n going on9, study (10-12), on9 again..!

man i am so dead


jiahling said...

well at LEAST u know who to blame if u fail in ur studies...

sjune said...

well if u think you are wonderful and pandai enough,keep up your work ;)

sjune said...
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