Thursday, March 17, 2005

Moment of Creation

"Let there be Light," said God, and there was Light.

"Let there be Darkness," said Ravenlord, and there was Darkness...


finally decided to create a blog; or start blogging, having signed up at numerous blogging sites n online diaries in d past but never got down to writing anything...

anyway this is juz a test run so dun expect 2 c anything meaningful here for d time being k ppl?

immediate plans for this blog:
- write a holiday journal for this one-week-why-is-it-so-damned-short-no-fun-at-all-had-a-bad-cough-holidays

Raptor Ravenlord

1 comment:

Tan Sri said...

Eru Iluvatar said "Ea" and Middle Earth came into being.
Middle Earth is over 40,000 years old over 10 Ages , how old shall this be? :P
The Tan Sri is delighted in being the first commentor of this .. untitled blog (sounds like something from microsoft word)
and hopes this blog fares well into the west of the undying lands