Monday, March 21, 2005

testing BlogThis! function

Raptor's Untitled Blog

testing BlogThis! function

random thoughts:
1. cough is back again...apparently eating b4 tkd class doesnt help
2. my iq has gone down by 10 points since xinch hit me in d head yesterday
3. used 2 hrs juz to add d marks from one class for my mom

added hit counters! currently got StatCounter n Site Meter ones...their code a bit different so i'm guessing they'll give different no. of like my tagboards i'll remove one of them after a month or so


Tan Sri said...

Assuming ur blog does last 1 month :P

samuel_lhc said...

it will, we'll keep posting on the tagboard even if he stops :-D
hmm... maybe we should do a group blog

queenlyd said...

hmm.. it would be very confusing tho... but sounds fun... i dunno~

jiahling said...

group blogs???hmm.....
ei add me to ur links la :P

jiahling said...

hmm...actually 10points fm ur iq is nuthin to u... cos u dun hav that much iq to start fm.. :P

sjune said...

hmmm....u like black and the background is black :P

of course i noe as im aint clour blind one :P