Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thoughts on Teaching

today marked the end of my short 3-month stint as assistant instructor (taekwondo, in case anyone's dense enuf not to catch on) at convent pulau tikus. it was kinda unexpected, my instructor suddenly asking me when do i want to stop teaching; i replied "as soon as possible" and she sed i can stop at the end of the month - and wat do u noe, today IS the last class of the month! so from next week on i wun hv 2 stay back after sch, eat the lousy canteen food then change into my tkd uniform n head for cpt...

concerning the teaching (or assisting, if u will)...its not relly dat bad...tho i definitely prefer being taught than teaching others...esp since it gets really frustrating when u go thru a new technique or pattern dozens of times wif d white belts n they STILL dun get it...also one of the things i discovered at cpt is dat most girls (sorry, being brutally honest here) lack basic...uh, coordination of body movement; for example balancing during kicks - u hv 2 teach them to lean back to counterbalance the weight of their legs (being a bit technical here) etc...else they will do weird things like trying to 'float' so that their legs (plus their whole body) will go kiddin! and then there's the problem of power...few of them show enuf force in their techniques to mean business. frankly, of the 20-something girls at the cpt class, less than a third of them actually look like they're doing taekwondo. n my 3 months there did little to change anything. sigh. tho mebbe i shudnt b too bothered cuz neither did my instructor accomplish much so far :P

anyway i'm kinda glad its over cuz wat wif intensive trainings on sundays leaving me sore for half the week, maths n physics trainings for competitions (not hoping too much la...juz going there for the heck of it) n my poor results last exam clamouring for a change in my study routine....even those 2 hrs a week at cpt r beginning to seem an awful burden on my time...perhaps its more psychological than in the thought of HAVING to spend that time there even if i hv something else on...but on the other hand it was an interesting experience (n u juz get to LOVE standing in front of the class instead of lining up wif the students :P)

certain chi-ko-peks (one of them is a 'physiognomist', watever that is) were getting all sorts of ideas when they heard that i'm teaching at cpt...but seriously going there 2 meet girls was the last thing on my mind...serious! in fact apart from their president and an annoying yellow-belt who also goes to sunday class, i hardly (make it never) talked to any of them b4 except for when teaching la...dat juz goes to show how low the standard of cpt has become nowadays (haha kiddin)

oh yes..another thing....i'm regretting not trying out the piano in the cpt hall while i had the chance :P

teaching thoughts aside, i'm happy to announce that i've finally made the switch to firefox! for those dumbells who dunno, firefox is a gr8 (read: GREAT) alternative internet browser to internet explorer...its faster, cleaner (free from those junk add-ons n programs that eats up memory n slows down the browser) n has lots of useful features such as tabbed browsing! btw the reason i switched is actually due some problems with adware which led to me disabling internet explorer...i'm glad it happened like sam i've decided to support the firefox movement by adding a button link to firefox on my sidebar :) so get firefox now!


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