Thursday, March 17, 2005

to pass the time...

its 5.55pm n i'm waiting for lydia to get home from inti, shower n change - so dat i can then become her chauffeur n drive her to gurney. what kind of life is this? wat did i do in my past life to deserve a neighbour like this? ARRRGGGHHH

anyway might as well spend this time blogging...juz to get used to d 'feel' of it...lets start wif a brief summary of today's happenings...

9.45am - woke, showered, had breakfast, then tinkered around wif d piano for a while
10.30am - went online (mom went out hehe)
11.30am - signed up for blogger n created my very first entry at 11.35am! (see above/below)
12.00pm - did a teensy weeny bit of studying...actually was looking thru some physics exercises on S.H.M. i did last year...
1.30pm - lunch
2.00pm - went on9 n blogging; experimented with changing the template; tried to download a few q3a, fileplanet sux
2.45pm - helped my mom add up d marks for her sch exam papers
4.00pm - nap
5.00pm - finished adding up d marks for my mom...then went on9
5.45pm - showered n changed...then on9 till now :(

dats all for now...haih...stupid lydia...better call me faster or i'll leave without her! i swear!

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queenlyd said...

HEYYY... i'm a very very nice neighbour okie??? remember the time when my mom cooked bubur-chacha?? I walked to your house just to give you some ler.. and then i also distinctly remember lending you alot of cds~... and then.. erm.. what else ar... and then i also got help you with that insects project of yours lerrr~!!!! So stop complaining and learn to appreciate me lar.. haha.. i'm actually a very very nice neighbour to have. i oso belanja you dinner just now, remember?? :P