Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road
goes on and on
passing lights
splintering darkness as black night sets
then glitters fill the shroud
as starry skies appear

The sun peaks from East
baring His vicious grin
another cycle herald'd
of madness, of solitude
neverending, boundless, beyond limits
What have I become?

Lonesome Lands
exist nowhere
becoming my world of late
and I hardly live on through
as it gnaws at me

Every step resounds
the echoes fill my head
I can't shake this emptiness
walking among the crowd
I'm surrounded yet no one's there
Why am I alone?

Lonesome Paths
wind back to Earth
broken choices
bringing little grace as time wearies on
though stiffled hope glimmers
as the Road unfolds

Beware this pounding heart
fear my inner flame
where the Beast resides
I couldn't contain it within
But still I never knew
When did it break free?


Dan da KID said...

Lonesome paths
might wind back to earth,
between is a link that leads to perth,
watever u do, be true in wat u serve,
for a friend is there for u, u big bad perv :P

haha... nice poem :)good luck in ur exams, tournoment n concert pal! =P

sjune said...

lonesome road,reminds me of ur msn display name last time

Tan Sri said...

seemingly, he can find time to write + play cs + study

sjune said...

what game is cs

Dan da KID said...

u dunno cs meh? counter strike ah... most popular game for like 5 or 6 years liao lor!!

Tan Sri said...

she's outdated and out of tune....
CS: Counterstrike....
now i am wondering when CS 2 will be out and using the HL2 engine

sjune said...

wei......thats cuz i dun play games k

the only game i noe is gun bound

not that i play it,but friends around me always tell me they are bz GBing

xinch said...

lonesome road? wah... looks like we're nonexistent eh people? Haha... CS! Even I, miss anti-computer-games know leeehh.. :)

tansri> hell i've gotta agree with you. tst's not human wan... some kind of animal *snicker*

raptor_ravenlord said...

i cs like once a day nia din even touch it cuz my bro's comp monitor went to the sky...but when i do play i cant stop myself so i guess its a good thing oso lah

neway...wrote dat poem some time ago liao...juz neva got round to posting it

sjune said... was such a long time ago,the time u did this poem and put the title as ur display name

kryptos said...

"Beware this pounding heart
fear my inner flame
where the Beast resides
I couldn't contain it within
But still I never knew
When did it break free?"

Beast??? What did u do today, eh??? makes me wonder...

xinch said...

kryptos5> it should be 'what do u do everday' *snicker*

queenlyd said...

btw,wat happened to ur chatterbox??

sjune said...


haha.......nvm....beast will meet beuty :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

re chatterbox: the template leak happened again

n btw i'm considering switching to tagboard..relly beh tahan the chatterbox going down half the time i wan 2 read it

xinch said...

*pout* ur fault ma... maybe it jz doesnt like u! :)