Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memoirs of a Republic Commando

well..there i have it....finally completed Star Wars: Republic Commando, one of d best fps games i ever played (n definitely the best star wars game)...in record time too, since i only startd last friday midnight/sat morning :P

as usual tho, games like that leave me with questions...for example, y are the weapons n armor n equipment etc of the clone commandos so advanced when its supposed 2 b set during the episode 2/3 period? like..they were using personal shielding n bacta charges dat can 'revive' a squadmate who's been 'killed'...n how did the clones develop such distinct personalities when they were supposedly 'created equal'?

but wat d heck..d game's damn great! i particularly liked d fact dat apart from ur main rifle n pistol u can only pick up one other weapon...but u can attach sniper or anti-armor (read: heavy mortar grenades) to ur blaster so u actually hv '5' guns to use....it sure makes a lot more sense than most fps games in which one little guy can load up to 10 freakin' guns n still jump around the battlefield....oso, ammo loadouts for weapons r oso quite realistic..for example u can carry a ton of rounds for ur blasters cuz they're basically energy cells..but only 4 anti-armor charges at once..dat makes for quite a bit of strategic planning too...as for squad AI, u hv 2 play it to believe it...damn advanced

ok....b4 i start to sound too much like a game reviewer, i think i'd better quit...anyway...poor ol' dan, wun get 2 play till end of d year :P


Dan da KID said...


ur NOT supposed to POST this kind of game review when my finals r near!!!!
damn damn damn..... wait till i get back ... must kill u for this...... torture!!!!

queenlyd said...

notty tst..tempting poor dan.. tsk tsk tsk..

dan, ignore him n hang on in there.. muahhahaha.. LOL

kryptos said...

no comment... juz feel like shitting... ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P