Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

actually i wrote a little poem to go wif the title but decided it sounds too nursery-rhyme-like :P rained again today...i noe a lot of ppl will be heaving sighs of relief as it temporarily kept the hot weather at bay....but personally i think i'd rather hv a hot day than this...cuz wat wif the 'slippery fingers syndrome' (kenot play piano) n sleepiness (kenot study) the whole day had been a big fat waste of time....spent 2+ hrs on9 this afternoon n then slept till 6.30pm...n after waking i din do much studying anyway...for some reason electrochemistry seems 2 b absurdly confusing to me...aih mebbe its juz my brain getting rusty lah

(note: this entry is hereby awarded Shortest Post of the Year by raptor_ravenlord)

edited at 11.43pm:
forgot to mention that my resolution to stop or reduce coffee drinking has failed actually lasted only one day :P cuz on tuesday felt too tired n had no choice...i din wan 2 waste another day drowsing at the not my fault!

events of note:
tuesday - ate 3 pieces of fried chicken for lunch....bad for health
wednesday - latest nap n sleep so far...napped from 5.30-8pm (cuz i got home late n then played Gunner 2 for abt 1 hr :P); slept at 4.30am cuz i drank coffee even after waking from nap at 8...hehe

edit ends 11.50pm


sjune said...

what?!sleep at 4.30!

i salute u

CW TAN said...

4.30 only mar, me sleep at 4 and wake up at 6, syok leh?

sjune said...

ummm......last time i slept at 6 a.m. and woke up at secara automatik at 8 a.m.

ini baru syok :P