Friday, April 22, 2005

Bleak Insanity

Long ago there was me
Only me and I was lonely

Some time ago there was you
You came into my life

I thought I had been hurt before
I thought feelings like this were foolish
So I thought you weren't the one
But I never thought I was right

So I opened my heart at last
Threw away the fears of the future
Let out the frustrations of the past
And tried to enjoy the present

You tried to understand me, I know
You were there and gave me everything
I started to believe, believing I could
That I could be different
That I could be loved

But you had a past, too
A past you couldn't forget
And you had a future
A future far far away

So you had to leave
All too soon
I tried to pledge myself
But I failed

Did you hope for different words?
Did you hope to hear those words?
Not "I do" but "will you"?
Not "I will" but "let me"?

I guess it could've lasted
But something else happened
Was it you or was it me
Now I'll never know

And when the spring comes to the lands of ice
And then leaves them once again
What once seemed desolate but tolerable
Will now appear bleak and unbearable

The lonesome road was meant for one
I lost my way 'cause I tried to fit two
And it wasn't meant to be that way
And so I lost myself, and lost my mind

For ages to me I lived in death
And somehow made death appear alive
To those who failed to comprehend
They thought I managed to mend

Well now the ordeal is almost over
I've decided to live again
And who knows someday I'd find another
To share my joys and pain

Insanity has met its end
I see the world more clearly now
It is futile to try to live
Where summer made seem bleak

But wait, before I end this tale
Some things yet I wish to say
I'm sorry if I ever caused you hurt
And thank you for everything you were to me

So please take my blessings before I leave
The journey I will take is far yet near
And when we meet again, if we someday will
Let us begin again, and forget the past


Lin Whatever! said...
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sjune said...

nice poem,u made it?