Thursday, April 21, 2005

wednesday 20/4, in a nutshell...or two. or a few more...

7.30am-1.30pm - sch
events of note:
1) managed to settle my p.a. esei file for david "beckham" christopher, officially the laziest teacher in form 6; special thanks to samuel_lhc for his invaluable aid; hey, this aint no small feat u noe...i wrote 2 essays, 'designed' the front page n isi kandungan, n arranged all the note pages in order within 2 periods! n one of them was recess 25 mins only summore. had to skip breakfast n went hungry tho
2) together wif danny, chin kok, wei phing n kai lin, 'infuriated' ah pek by escaping his lesson..most of it anyway. excuse? had to pass up the p.a. files....

1.30pm-4.00pm - lunch n study group in sch
man...i've sed it b4 n i'll say it group sux...esp when 2 of ur grup members go off to practice speaking, 2 went AWOL, n 1 only asked ONE question during the entire session..cuz he din study n was catching up by doing the 'cheap' Test Yourself questions...n me? wat do i get out of it? big fat nothing! except wasting half my afternoon drowsing in the sch library

4.00pm-5.00pm - home: showered, then my favourite time waster - wikipedia
today the main topic was games...was gonna juz start a few more torrents cuz i noticed the combined torrent speed wasnt close to my bandwidth limit...then came across a few new games n spent the hr reading them up on wiki

5.00pm-7.15pm - nap
as i've sed, i need 2 hrs minimum to function

7.15pm-8.15pm - finally, did some hw! cudnt get my mind to work so spent the time doing maths only tho...even tho i drank coffee again...guess i'm getting used to dat stuff...but hey, if so then y m i still wide awake at 3.58am typing this shit

8.15pm-9.00pm - dinner n piano practice - now THAT is the one thing dat went smoothly for today; practice time was cut short cuz my parents wanted to watch their favourite 9pm cantonese drama tho

9.00pm-10.30pm - crimsonland. any questions? on the plus side, i completed all the quests n unlocked the typ'o'shooter game mode d. yay, more time wasting ahead.

10.30pm-12.30am - maths. sigh...

12.30am-3.00am - tried star wars: republic commando ('test' wud b a better word; i do that wif every game i downloaded b4 filing them away)...then crimsonland AGAIN. btw, msn fucked itself again which mite b y i played crimsonland instead of chatting

3.00am-??? had a shower, then came up n typed this, plus the previous post...

(p.s. since i was still alive 5 mins after my dad's coughing, i figured it safe to continue writing, hence this additional post)


sjune said...

in a nutshell u online too much :P

hmmm.......seems like form 6 very "heng" study group hor

Tan Sri said...

not heng, forced....

sjune said...

why forced?school ask u all to do so?