Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blood...Blood...Rayne-ing Down....

juz finished bloodrayne. damn, who'd hv thought i wud hv played thru a mindless hack-n-slash game like that...but i think the thrill of dodging bullets n hacking off limbs kept me hooked (there's also the factor of playing a super-sexy female character wif 2-feet-long forearm-mounted silver blades). tho it did take me quite a while (1+ week) to finish compared 2 other games....neway, this is gonna b d last (or at least 2nd last :P) game i'm gonna play b4 starting serious study....had been relly slacking the past 2 weeks n i SWORE to myself to 'finish it off for good so i can concentrate on studies'

hmm...wat else interesting lately....i got 4th in form for midyear exams, which is way beyond my expectations since i was quite sure i messed up several papers.....but anyhow muet pulled me up a lot...its not gonna b in trial exam tho, which means my average will prob go down quite a bit :(

n besides dat, my bio is WAAAAAY behind cuz i din hv 2 take it for d i practically din touch it till d midyear holidays...n even then i only covered bout 25% of wat is required cuz i only read thru d a-level books my mom borrowed...n those were quite basic-level too...(example: production of urea - "The ammonia is converted to urea in a process known as the ornithine cycle, the details of which you do not need to know about at this stage.")

so man, i'm relly fearing for my stpm now. esp since i keep making excuses not to study. hope i get the jap scholarship. local Us suck, even if i dun mess up stpm.

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Tan Sri said...

bcoz tat is covered in human biology not biology per se :P