Monday, July 04, 2005

heheh...check it out!

btw, 2 things of interest:

1. today i experienced, for the first time, the pleasure of wearing my mp3 player to the toilet :P makes the boredom more....bearable :P:P

2. according to a medical lab test i did recently, my blood is type O, Rhesus positive. so dat means i'm a universal donor. geez, must i be so good?


sjune said...

why is ur face so blurry

refering to the newspaper cutting

Tan Sri said...

universal donor yes..... universal acceptor not :P
and y is it tat ur name in the title but ur pic only once :P and ur face like those censored faces in crimewatch blur blur one :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

click on d pic to see the article more clearly

sjune said...

still very blur lah

exactly like what tan sri described :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

haha nvm
u CAN make out d heading rite? :P

sjune said...

u noe ah....actually my chinese not good one i dunno how to read :P

queenlyd said...

how come so many ppl i noe r universal donors? i tot they're supposed to be rare.. cuz OA and OB are A and B.