Sunday, June 05, 2005

mp3 player at last! :P

well...yesterday (sat) i went 2 the pc fair at komtar...the Canon IT Fair actually, cuz it was so small it cud hardly be called a pc was in the dome n there were extremely few ppl when i got there...prob due to bad publicity lah - they din even give out flyers or anything so i wudnt hv known bout it if i din notice one of my msn contacts 'advertising' it....

anyway...bought an mp3 player there for RM350....kinda hefty price but its 512MB n has built in voice recorder n FM radio so i guess its ok a few other little features such as equalizer presets n 7 backlight colors :P

thinking back, i juz realised i spent a lot of money on computer n electronic stuff this year...1stly there was the dvd writer, RM400 n an optical mouse, RM50...then at the previous pc fair i bought a 200GB hdd for RM385....then yesterday bought this mp3 player...RM350...AND a stack of DVD+Rs, 20 for RM40.....aiks..i think i better start scrimping on other expenses liao

anyway...dats it lah...tonite gonna write d 1st half of my holiday journal...for my devoted readers, here's a draft of wat it will contain:
- games i played
- places i went (none!)
- ppl i met (none!)
- other stuff i did
- my study progress so far
- my plans for next week

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queenlyd said...

it's so so sooo unfair~!!.. i wan a mp3 player too!!!