Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Monbuka Interview

well....i got it..the interview, that is, not the actual scholarship...but still it exceeds my expectations as i relly felt i did poorly on dat written test dat day. anyway i started getting my hopes up last wed when i got a foncall from the japanese embassy asking to confirm my address...i mean, surely they wudnt go confirming the addresses of every person who attended the test rite...so i thought shud be good news...n wat d'ya noe...today the letter came!

so now i hv 2 brush up on my interview skills, dig up some basic info on japanese culture etc n basically prepare for the interview..which is...NEXT TUESDAY...!! aggghh.....

"wats there to prepare anyway? its juz an interview!" one mite ask....well...i daresay i'm making a big fuss over it lah...but when ur 'future is on the line' u dun go 'play-play' wif it....

checklist of things to do:
- read up on japanese culture, mannerisms, social customs, history, n general affairs etc
(side-note: better start learning bout jap anime :P)
- read up on basic biotech-related topics..juz in case they ask
- assuming the interview is in eng, better grab hold of xinch n start doing wat SHE does best....crapping :P
- arrange transport, accomodation etc since d interview is in kl
- practice taekwondo in case i'm required to pit it against their karate or jiujutsu...

oh...n i better make sure i memorise the term 'Monbukagakusho'...it'll b a catastrophe of cosmic proportions if i go 'monbuka..monbuka...uh...' during the interview....

P.S. for fans eagerly awaiting the 1st instalment of my holiday journal, i can only offer my profuse apologies for being too engaged wif crimsonland and call of duty to er...do my duty to u all (no pun intended)


Dan da KID said...

aah... few pieces of advice here..
1. when the want to test ur tkd skills lose to them and say: Hanlemale! karate is keng!!! all hail karate... muz go japan n learn! " etc.

2. when they ask u wat u know bout animes dun start off straight wif hentais or they will think that u r more perverted than them ( which might b true anyway) :P

3. when they fail ur interview, shout 'kisama! anatawa bakaroo!!" n show them the true tkd power :P

hope it all goes well for u.. Goood Luck! ;)

amphibian sp. said...

hahaha... congrats! wow, i can imagine another pal studying overseas, in japan summore! hey, make sure u wear smart-smart dat day! ;)

sjune said...

erhm,gd luck

and seriously,i think dan really gave u a good piece of advice :-)

samuel_lhc said...

i still can't believe i didn't get it (totally kidding). remember to practice those self-introductory stuff, might come in useful (since u might have to censor gay, rapist, beastality...). btw, 14th of june is my birthday ;-)

Tan Sri said...

hanlemale pulak....... I dun think the japs understand tamil :P
anyway, isn't it jujitsu?
and practice ur 90 degree bows..the japs should like tat...
and one more thing, since ur gonna talk in english... juz talk more fluently and dun hesitate...... u seem to hv incoherence when u get nervous

Good Luck..
and may the farm be with u :P

sjune said...

perform some side kicks as self introduction :-)

CW TAN said...

remember to wear a suit coz it makes you look good.

Here are some interview techniques:
1. Remember to maintain eye contact with
every1 in the room. So, they'll feel
close to you.
2. Remember to think of any questions you
may want to ask, just in case they ask
you to ask them any questions. Think of
something good and make them remember
3. Try and think what uni subject you applied
for, coz they may ask why you want to do it.
Not necc when u apply medicine and then they
ask you bio-tech
4. Sleep early the night beforehand
5. Practice you shaking hand skills (in this case,
6. Keep the phone number of the Jap Embassy in your
Handphone. Just in case you're stuck in a traffic
jam and have to call them ahead to say that you're
7. Bring an umbrella with you, just in case it rains
8. Smile, but not in a scary or stupid way
9. Try and sound interested in anything even though
the interviewer makes you fall asleep
10.Think y u want to go to Japan, and dun say becoz of
"Kawayee"(Cute) Jap Girls, or there's no other place
to go.
11.Dont argue or sing crazy frog to the interviewer. It
makes you look bad
12. Think beforehand before answering questions. Dont jump
into it str8 away

Hope this helps

raptor_ravenlord said...

whooosh...nice tips from all! thanx every1 :D


dan> kisama means wat? great advice bout d karate btw :D

geh> dun worry...i've prepared a new pair of underpants juz for the occasion ;)

sam> ur b'day u say? how bout u lend me ur b'day luck for this year n i'll repay it if i get d scholarship

tansri> uh..farm? as in ol'mcd's farm wif all d animals on it? (damn..here i go again...)

june> my side kicks suck leh..

rentai> concerning no.10...now i cant lie to them can i? nanti get long nose...

thanx again 2 all of u :D i'll uh..make u all my ministers when i ascend the throne...heheh

~j@ckL3~ said...

here's another tip
1. try doing 3 flying reverse hook kick, then when you land, shout 'hyahh'! who knows, if you're lucky, you might just scare them to giving you the scholarship straight away.

2. During interview, never EVER 'um' this 'um' that. Gives bad impression.

3. Speak up. Make sure they hear you and don't give them a reason to say 'excuse me, what did you say again?'

4. hand shake. be firm. shake firmly and hold a while.

5. wouldn't hurt to greet and say goodbye in japanese a bit, but don't go too far, otherwise they might expect you to complete the whole interview in japanese. (HORROR!)

good luck man!

sjune said...

ei...handshake is important man....it shows a person's personality

if its too loose it shows that u aint responsible

if its cold n sweaty of course it means u r freaking out lah

if u shake d hand off and squeeze the palm,it shows that u r hot tempered.(if its a female,she'll think u r having a crush on her,if its a male,he'll think u;re a gay,if its a dog...erhmmmm....dogs shake hands rite?)

so the best is of course give a firm hand shake with warm and dry hands lah

Tan Sri said...

btw, rentai, i cant imagine tst wearing a suit :P

Dan da KID said...

hahaha... hmm... jackle sure gives some great advice... they might want to hv a ass-kicking scholar :P
and kisama means "u bastards!!!" :P so dun simply use it if they ask u to speak a sentence in jap :P

well... juz be confident in urself lar.. i am sure they want a person wif high self confidence as a scholar ;)
u will do well :)

samuel_lhc said...

on second thoughts, why should i support him ar? from a "general paper" point of view: tst going japan=> crime rate increases=> scare away investors=> japan's economy declines=> studios get smaller budgets=> less quality animes/j-pop

xinch said...

good luck eh!!

queenlyd said...

i hv nothing to add to the list of tips.. except that u shld alwiz urself during the interview... but on 2nd tots, mayb u shldn't.. lol.. i expect that jap guys dun like gays. ;D