Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Home Alone 5 - Vigil In Penang

Day 1: Sunday (19/6)
Around 11am, my family left for KL to 'install' my sis at her new sch at INTEC in UTM....she got the jpa scholarship n will b leaving for US after doing a year's foundation. My bro went wif them, which meant dat i was left alone to defend the house from robbers, zombies n alien invaders for 1 nite....
shortly after they left, i gave up trying 2 read the newspapers n installed star wars: battlefront. bout 2 hrs of rolling around various star wars locales as a droideka ("destroyer droid"), i got bored n deleted d game, then decided to take a nap b4 going for tkd class. then it started drizzling outside n i tot, wat the heck, time to skip tkd again :P so i went back on9, chatted abit wif tansri, then had my lunch (sausage bun + maggi mee...not an ideal combo)
3pm found me in front of d comp again, trying to edit the music for the creative pattern event in the upcoming district tourney, n chatting wif tansri (again), who seems perpetually rooted in front of HIS pc....
around 5pm i took a brief 2.5-hr nap (anyone notice the irony?), then plonked down in front of the comp, noticing to my dismay that the dvd burning i started b4 going to sleep had failed - RM2 worth of dvd+r down the drain....tried again, wif similiar (lack of) results...i wonder if d problem was my burner or software or discs? either way my chainsaw's ready....
around 8.30 i popped out to the hawker centre near my hse 2 buy dinner. inspired by the words of a certain self-proclaimed teenage moron (who warned me against it), i brought home a package of 'chicken cordon bleu', chicken fillet stuff wif cheese n ham. yummy, no? no. it was so greasy the cardboard box was soaked thru when i got home. still my stomach's rumbling n i wasnt complaining. dunnit 2 menjaga my berat badan like certain gals i noe :P so i ate it all up.
9-10pm: backing up files in preparation for a full system format, only to discover dat my only remaining winxp cd is corrupted (note to self: do NOT use a G1 pen to write on cdrs in the future)
10pm: i installed warhammer 40k: dawn of war, n played it till 1am, imperium rox, yeah. space marines rox, yeah.
after dat, i spent the next 2 or so hrs editing the creative pattern music again....its basically a rearranged version of the main theme from the game deus ex, wif some trimmings, croppings n an aircraft take-off sound spliced in at d end (taken from jay chou's kai bu liao kou :P). finally managed to put together something dat satisfied joyce (my partner for creative pattern, poor ol' me...) n at 3am i took a bath n masuk tidur.

Day 2: Monday (20/6)
woke at 6.45am, 'decided' i felt sick, n went back to bed. i'm a baaaad boy, oh yes i am ;)
woke again at 10.30am, went out to buy hokkien mee for my aunt who came over for the morning (n for myself lah..i'm not THAT nice) then spent the morning playing planescape: torment which juz finished downloading. pretty cool rpg too, considering its age. hehe.
around 1m finally managed to pull myself together for a bit of studying, then went out to buy ducky rice for lunch, studied a BIT more - finally covered that damned photosynthesis chapter - wif the help of wiki (incidentally reading up more than a few articles on various eldar gods of warhammer 40k in the process) then pigged out at 4pm - 6.30pm. after revitalising myself wif IPOH WHITE COFFEE MUAHAHAHAHA..uh, sorry got a little carried away - simultaneously played the piano, read wiki n studied. my piano's downstairs while my comp's upstairs, so dun ask me how i did it.
around 8pm my family got back n there endeth my Vigil In Penang, Home Alone 5. n the aliens were so scared, they din even send a scout fighter to recon the area.


Tan Sri said...

next time give prior warning to ghee tat ur alone in the house.. i'm sure he;s more than happy to erm...accompany u :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

hmm....considering it was sch d 2nd day, dat wudnt b too appropriate a time

Tan Sri said...

wats wrong with a sch day...as long as u get some sleep

sjune said...

what accompany?