Friday, June 10, 2005

Need Help Guys!

ok...according to the monbuka-letter i need to produce a 'letter of recommendation from the principal' for the this morning we went to sch 2 find mr cheah (cuz penguin sim wud not be in sch for the whole holidays) n asked him 2 write for us....n mr cheah told us to get our form teachers to write then baru he'll sign it cuz he sez he doesnt noe us personally *rolls eyes* so we asked hong sian ean to write for us (cuz coincidentally we r all taught by her) n she told us to write ourselves n then hv her look thru n sign

so in conclusion, i need to write a 'letter of recommendation' - which is something like the graduation testimonial - for myself. so uh..since i'm not particularly given to self-praise *blushes from false modesty* i'd greatly appreciate it if u guys can each uh...draft out a testi for me (but from a teacher's perspective lah)...can either post it here (!) or send to me thru msn or smth :P or if u'r too bz can juz give some tips n advice on how to write oso can :D

thanx guys! advance - dun make me delete this later >:(


Dan da KID said...

hahhaa.. this is the chance ur waiting for wat.. lagi pura-pura ask us for advice :P
i will recommend copying ur sch leaving cert punya stuff n 'elaborate' more :P want add tao ewe or huan ji-ou up to u lar :P

amphibian sp. said...

hmm.. pts like:
1. wat u have done for the past 6 years at n out of sch - esp, ur posts n participations in clubs n societies, competitions, tkd, tournaments...
2. boost how bright u r in studies n wud shine at wateva given opps. (imagine urself writing it s teacher lar u wanna sell ur student s much s possible..)
3. attitude towards studies (:P) eg: hardworking, diligent, v. outstanding application skills... results speak for themselves!
4. tell them that 'this student has relly got a burning ambition to reach full potential in his life n that he's highly competant in wateva ways he's been performing...'
5. w the fame n elitism of this school, u r no doubt the creme la creme n u hav the sch's 200% recommendation for the s'ship

parting tots: i think they 1 to c how motivated u r in things bsides studies so u must relly emphasise on ur achievements outside sch. they wanna c ur initiative level, cos having gone thru n passed d selection means they've scanned thru ur results at sch so they wanna know more about u. perhaps d letter of recomm. is juz a conventional thing? most of all is how u perform in interview lar... ;)

Tan Sri said...

altho i might want to add something....would ur teacher noe things stretching back 6 years? and things like extrasch activities?

sjune said...

u're good in piano rite,i wanna if that helps :P

samuel_lhc said...

strange, every positive image i have of his comes with an "evil tst" saying "MUAHAHAH..."

amphibian sp. said...

it's meant to b written by the HM so they ought to spill everything out about him in the letter

queenlyd said...

tst, ur testimonial in f5.. tat is not bad .. just add some new facts to it.. ;) taekondo mayb?

neway, dunid ask for advice u oso can write long long letters abt how great and talented u are la..

sjune said...

i think i made a typo,so let me retype my msg

"u're good at piano rite,i wonder if that helps :P"

CW TAN said...

ok, listen to this.

Mr Teoh Shao Thing has been a pupil at our school since Jan 1999. He entered our school with excellent primary school results and over the past seven years has achieved good academic results. He has also been contributing significantly to the school activities and it is great pleasure to write this recommendation on his behalf.

Most of his subject teachers concur that Shao Thing has done well in his exams. He is a bright intelligent and hardworking student. We except he will receive excellent results in his Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (Malaysian Higher Educational Certificate)examination.

[Then write abt your achievements, i suppose u can do that]

Armed with a good acedemic record, active student activities, experiences and strength in character, I strongly recommend him in [monbuka watever] and I wish him the very best in his future endeavour.

[isnt this nice. but i feel like throwing up]

Dont forget to check abt typo's though

raptor_ravenlord said...

hey nice one by rentai!! thanx man...:D

Tan Sri said...

he sure noes how to write... but then i dun blame him, i think he has to write all these things for uni application over there :P