Sunday, January 06, 2008

3 unsuccessful attempts to travel alone

thu night: tells everyone i wud b going 2 himeji alone to use up my seishun 18 kippu, then plays dota until 4am
fri morning: wakes at 2pm, too late for trip

fri night: tells han yee im going to himeji the next day, then plays dota until 3.30am, followed by sum messing around wif facebook applications until 4am
sat morning: wakes up at 11, hits the snooze button about 5 times each time spaced 5 mins apart, then continues sleep until 1pm; decides to go to gym instead

sat night: tells han yee who juz returned frm a trip to wakayama that i'll b going on sun cuz cudnt wake up; plays dota until 3.30am n messes around wif sum stuff till 4am again
sun morning: (copy n paste frm sat morning)

anyone see a pattern of bad habits plus no self-discipline here?

oh n i havent touched the piano in suita campus for more than 2 weeks now. damnit i need a piano......


Phyee86 said...

I did remind u at around 12pm today.
But u still couldn't get up. LOL....

WL said...

ok. You can add mine to ur blog. Thanks for ur japanese hospitality.

Dan_z said...

lol i smell new blogging will... lets see how long the fire burns this time :P

june_o said...

OOooooh.....dota ....naughty naughty.....i'd have to say. Yes the whiff of a blogger is in the air