Thursday, July 13, 2006

here they come!

tml...exams begin! spring term-end exams, to be exact.

so wats a guy to do?

play SOLDAT, for one thing!

to save me from the boredom of exams (due to the fact that everyone's holed up in their rooms studying kanji, which WE learned 10 years ago ;P which resulting in there being no one to go shopping with), ive been playing this game for the last week or so. pretty simple 2D game, but fun n addictive! or mebbe its juz desperation due to being unable 2 play dota, i duno....but anyway check it out guys!

btw, yup, lately ive been going shopping a lot. no need for those looks of horror. i go becuz theres nothing else to do around here n i need a constant supply of fresh food for the kitchen. saving up for....stuff, u i cook every day instead of eating makes a huge difference in ur finances here in japan....

well anyway, tml's exam, as i was saying. but the weather's so damn hot its near impossible to study, n anyway i THINK im pretty safe liao...compared to back in penang, theres a lot less study pressure here, at least for the time being....

anyway, hv 2 play a little soldat to loosen up! mata ne!

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