Saturday, July 01, 2006


it appears that either no one's been visiting my blog lately, or ppl r growing a litle stingy wif comments. either way, as rentai did before, i demand comments. minimum of 10 on my pictures post before i post anything else.

and ppl in penang shud play dawn of war. new expansion coming out...necrons n tau! tho i wan tyranids...

juz a few random updates cuz im feeling rather shitty at the moment due to the cloudy weather outside.

- (1 month ago) bought a pair of earphones....model is N.U.D.E. ex. cool eh? they're the stick-in-the-ear-canal earbud type.
- (1.5 months ago) can now cycle without using my hands! tho turning is still a problem. n it contributed to a minor crash about a month back, which cost me 3500 yen in repairs. f_cking bike...
- got a summer 'job'! as a camp counsellor or sumting liddat...for an english-speaking camp for junior high sch students. how old is junior high anyway? :P

ok im out of ideas. bye.


june_o said...

ooooh.....counselor huh? FLEX Those muscles ;)
DO NOT MIslead them K?
they are counting on you for guidance :p

Lin Whatever! said...!! *winks*

amphibian sp. said...

*i was here b4* (just so as u know)