Saturday, December 03, 2005

shit shit shit

since stpm ended, time seemed to hv gone crazy for me...simultaneously flying past so swiftly that i cant catch a moment of it for myself, n dragging by so slowly that everything i do seem to be boring the wits out of is happening???

this week, i spent a grand total of SIXTEEN (16) hrs in cybercafes. omg. monday n tuesday went to cc wif my class after practicing for the graduation dinner presentation, 4 n 5 hrs respectively. thursday went again wif my class for another 5 hrs. n yesterday, friday, i went again this time wif dan n the gang, to netcity for 2 hrs, juz to 'spend the time'. shit...

(wonder if its any consolation that i discovered both galaxy n netcity hv much better computers than time i better spend the time there playing the more advanced games like quake 4 or F.E.A.R. IF i do go again. there's any chance i wont....)

anyway, wednesday was a slightly more meaningful day as i started my day wif a bit of long-overdue exercise at the punching bag n swimming pool in psc. after dat i dropped by dan's hse to pick him up for breakfast n ended up waiting almost half n hr as he's at the barbers...seems like he turned into sum kind of neanderthal during his stay in australia. dan's mom forced a chicken pie on me which filled me up :P later, xinch drove the 2 of us (my car's backseat was totally filled by the organ which i had to drive to the graduation dinner) to a hawkers' center where everything was sold out so dan n i juz had drinks. after yakking away for an hr or so it was about lunchtime so we headed home.

that nite, our class presentation at the graduation dinner was a flop. truth be told, it was expected as each person probably had all of 30 minutes of practice from the 3 days of rehearsal. (compare that to the 15+ hrs of dota we played during those 3 days) tansri n yst's class, u6f2 had the best performance imo, cuz they staged an extremely hillarious sketch that made me n yong shen nearly fall off our seats. "susu segar susu segar its fresh and good!" yst shall henceforth be known as the roti man. the food wasnt bad but a bit too little for 10 hungry youths per table (although my table kurang 1 person so we had slightly more :P)

yesterday (friday) was the 1st time i spent almost the whole day out in a very long time. 1st there was tennis at psc from 8-9 wif my bro n dan, then we went home for breakfast n at chun chun 10am tansri came a-knocking the door (figuratively speaking). after picking up sam at greenlane mcdonald's we were off to the pc fair where we met up wif dan, ghee, xinch n june n spent the morning wandering around getting lost n waiting for each other n wasting our money on IT stuff dat we dun relly need to achieve a harmonious n balanced life ;P me myself bought a 512MB mmc card for my hp plus a card reader to go wif it, as well as 100 cdrs. total spending: 120+30+67 = RM217. sigh...another huge wad of cash gone...

after dat we went to one stop for lunch n a game of bowling where a spree of bad luck landed me 2nd last place :( then we wandered aimlessly around again until it was dinner time, then had dinner n yst n me went to register for japanese language classes at the penang japanese language society opposite pcghs. following that was 2 hrs of dota in which sze ming joined us for a game. end of day.

end of report (boy, its getting boring)


kryptos said...

hey, u din' mention ur "crush"?
n u wanna kena donkey punch kah? glorifying that stupid sketch... -_-"

Tan Sri said...

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