Sunday, October 23, 2005

time filler

shit man....i've given up dota (as of thursday morning) n now i'm hooked on a new game....reincarnation...its a turn-based (well, kind of) game dats played thru ur browser n all in fancy pics...i noe, sounds corny but hey, its addictive..!

plus i seem 2 b doing quite well...having jumped from 1400th ranking to 1000th in juz 3 days :P

at least it isnt taking up as much time as limits u by 'turns' per day u see...

anyway..on to more important topics:-

graduation day

" 骊歌,声声在飞扬;桃李盈盈吐芬芳...." well, wat can i say...its the 2nd time i'm graduating from clhs..n obviously the last time too..(unless i go back as a teacher? u wish!!) as usual such occasions stir up feelings n memories, not too many of them happy ones....k la i'm juz a sipek sentimental guy who cant help looking back at the years in clhs n wishing i cud go back in time n relive my high sch years...lots of stuff i wish i've done (n a few i wish i didnt...)

this year i managed to sing the grad song..unlike last time in f5 when i only moved my mouth cuz i duno the lyrics :P actually dats becuz cuz this time they projected the lyrics onto a screen lah.....but apparently it served its purpose well as it seemed like everyone was singing full-spiritedly...frankly i never heard such semangat from clhs students in my 7 years here (well, not in the hall anyway)

so anyway the next time i'm gonna meet my classmates will be on 11th of nov....1st paper of anyone in my form reading this, good luck in stpm!


Tan Sri said...

驪歌聲聲在飛揚, 桃李盈盈吐芬芳,

我們是時代的群英, 前程如朝陽。

歡樂年年共一堂, 幸福綿綿比天長,

今日依依惜別後, 不忘相懷想。

青山綠水景常新, 及時努力奮志強,

乘長風破萬里浪, 鍾靈有輝光。

Read... and Reminisce

Lin Whatever! said...

at least from what i've heard on kryptos' blog...ur graduation song is not 'lagu pengebumian' =D

chin kimg said...

our school did the projecting lyrics thing since form 5
you guys are so lucky
we are forced to go to school
so we can get a good for our attendance
such contrast:(

kryptos said...

"Lagu pengebumian"? We have one too. It's called our "school anthem"!

Lin Whatever! said...

HAHAHAHA~ is it?! i thought ur school anthem is very lively wan?

samuel_lhc said...

are you sure "everyone" was singing? most girls aren't really sure of the lyrics yet and they can't see the screen

raptor_ravenlord said... FELT like everyone was singing mah
but seriously u never saw clhs ppl singing like dat in the hall b4 rite?

sjune said...

where are the girls above from?

Lin Whatever! said...

form 6 there are girls ma.....RIGHT?

kryptos said...

sam> "...and they can't see the screen". I wonder what that implies... (???)