Friday, October 31, 2008

i had a weird dream last night. u noe how dreams go.....sometimes u remember only the later half of it n hv no idea wat happened b4 that, or if there was even an earlier part, even tho it feels like there is n wat u CAN remember is actually a continuation of that part. or mebbe its a sequel to a dream u had previously which accounts for the 'familiarity' of the dream, but u cant remember the previous one......

ok i'll stop going around in circles, this is wat i CAN remember frm this particular dream:

(im QUITE sure there was something about a football match or sum event in a stadium, then i was exploring a kinda-old town wif all those stone buildings n stuff....)

then i heard some strange piano music coming from 'above' (i was either inside a building or an enclosure made up of a cluster of buildings) so i look for stairs to go up n check out the piano

it turned out that there were no stairs n i m now outside a tall building wif lots of sloping surfaces on its sides, so i run up those slopes to get up instead

on the way up i pass by groups of ppl who look like university or high sch students, there was an unsually large number of girls :P they looked like they were gathering for club activities here n there

at the top i suddenly find myself among a throng of primary sch students in their morning assembly n a teacher was playing an old, BIG (long) upright piano

i felt this great longing 2 play dat piano so i waited till assembly was over n the students went outside to do watever they do there (outdoor games mebbe?) then i pretended to be a shameless gaijin (foreigner) n sat down to play the piano without permission

the teacher who had been playing the piano previously, an elderly man (sumhow i knew he was the music instructor) seemed impressed when i played rondo alla turca. then another teacher, a young woman came n asked me to play the Yellow River wif her (its actually a piano concerto, but in my dream it was a piano duet, kinda like jay chou's 四手连弹 duet.

unfortunately b4 we can start to play my handphone rang n i was woken up -_-"

ok if anybody feels inclined 2 post sum ideas about wat my dream meant they're welcome

btw, sorry (again!) for the long interval between this post n d last....n paiseh i didnt complete my last post like i was supposed to....heheh....lotsa things happening plus im getting lazy....but ive decided not 2 give up bloggin yet! :P so stay tuned for the post


Lin said...

wow!! finally a post! =D it possible that u haven't been playing the piano for quite sometime? oh wait, u do play in jap right? hmmm
oh! maybe the "Teacher" is ur dream girl!! go back to sleep and get into ur dream again n see what happens! XP

queenlyd said...

wah.. u finally blogged, but the entire post is about your dream. :P

WL said...

haiya , that means u are too crazy about piano and you want it be part of your life.
Plus , a girlfriend who can play piano as well.

Lin said...

yes yes, i also agree with wl!! =D

m@tt'ĥëW said...

dreams are always crazy lol