Wednesday, February 20, 2008

snow n other stuff

ok so about 2 weeks back there was snow here in osaka :D on.....9th of feb to be exact. to cut a long story short, han yee woke me up at 11am (i slept at 5am the night before) n i looked out... n holla, Its A Winter Wonderland! snow was flying all over, coming down in great big flakes (at least, compared to the tiny specks of 'kona yuki' dat fell a few times before). so of course i cudnt sleep anymore....went 2 sch 2 meet up wif a few frens (taking much longer than expecting cuz the bus stopped running due to the snow n i had 2 take a monorail which was damn expensive >.< )

so here r the pictures to prove that Raptor Has Experienced Snow:

enuf wif the mundane, on to snowmen-making! we begin by rolling some snow:

it looks a little dirty but i assure u the technique is all correct :P see the final product:

i modified the 1st snowman to become SnowGuy n made a SnowGirl for him:

miscellaneous pics of sum of my adoring fans:

its not my fault that they hv a fetish for my gloves:

well thats it for my snow pics, got many more but uploading to blogger is a major PIA. u can check them out at my facebook photo album :P

last note: going to taiwan on feb 21-26; seriously doubt any1 will miss me (heck, prob no 1 will hv even read my blog in that time period) but anyway, hasta la vista! will take pics of hot taiwanese chicks n post them here!


Phyee86 said...

u din put those photos where the SnowGuy and SnowGirl "together" 1, hahaha.....

raptor_ravenlord said...

dunwan lah, later ppl think im obscene.... :P

WL said...

Show ur true colour la!
No wonder yesterday i called , but can't connect .

Have a safe journey back!

raptor_ravenlord said...

u called?? when??

queenlyd said...

update lar!

show us SnowKid! lol.

Anonymous said...

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