Sunday, May 01, 2005

Its A Hot World After All

(to the tune of "Its A Small World After All")
Its a Hot World after all
hot as crowded 'ssembly hall
or a stuffy fanless mall
its a Hot, Hot World

Its a Hot World after all
feels like wrapped in hundred shawls
and this heat ain't good for balls
its a Hot, Hot World

(faster still)
Its a Hot World after all
sweaty puddles...slip 'n fall
find someone to kick 'n maul
its a Hot, Hot World

(very very fast)
Its a Hot World after all
hot enuf to make skin crawl
its so hot i want to 'aou'

well i guess this song pretty much sums up my opinion of the weather nowadays.


xinch said...

one word: hilarious

it lowers or spermcount doesnt it? Haha or is it the other way round mwahahha

raptor_ravenlord said...

hmm...i think so...cuz i remember reading sumwhere dat excessive heat kills the...wats the name of the cells dat divide to form sperm...

sjune said...

hmmmmm let me try

when the sun scorches when the rain don't fall
when air is static everybody bawls
its so much sweat at earth!
and we'll soon have banjir
soon we'll have a cold cold earth......

anyway where is the part"its a small world after all(times 4)its a small,small world......"

let me try this part too

its a hot world after all!the sun is burning my eyeballs!god please rain a single drop!save this hot,hot world......


xinch said...

well then tst, pity ur future wife. u might be infertile before u even get married mwahahahahhaa

sjune said...

i did read an article last time

if "that part" of guys is lower 1 degree celcius than your body,u will have higher sperm count

haha guys u may want to experiment?

raptor_ravenlord said...

hmm..i mite want to buy a mini-refrigeration unit then :P

sjune said...

u gonna lock urself in there

excuse me,its not lowering ur body tempetature by i degree celcius

its that part only

mebbe u should consider buying some sorta ice bag or something :P,innocent

raptor_ravenlord said...

dats y i sed MINI. as in small enuf to wear n take around. :P

sjune said...


wont it be heavy n bulky?:P

then when u wear jeans that is tighter...ummmm,some girls shall b after u i guess :P

sjune said...

or mebbe u seriously need it due to the hot weather :P

raptor_ravenlord said...

i think i do...must go for a medical checkup one of these days...:P

sjune said...

and my tuition teacher told me,guys shud not eat mint,it reduces sperm count

i m not sure bout this

and...WHAT?!tst,medical check up?